ATK Raider 13 Evo - White 2024

ATK Raider 13 Evo - White 2024
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ATK Raider 13 Evo 2024 - White

ATK has become the leading producer of ski touring bindings due their relentless development of improved designs and technologies that enable them to offer ever more refined bindings that are stronger, lighter and ever more ergonomic.
The Raider 13 EVO is packed with the latest ATK technologies and in particular the EVO brake system and the adjustable release in the toe unit. 
Weighing only 370 g per ski and with a release range of 5-13 DIN,  the Raider 13 EVO is a great choice for strong free rando skiers wanting a light yet super-solid touring binding.

Raider Evo Automatic Brake System
ATK have completely redesigned the heel unit and ski brake. Instead of the manual system with the metal button on the side, when moving the heel unit from ascent to downhill mode the ski brake is automatically activated. This does make transitions easier and above all avoids the skis sliding away without you, should you have accidentally removed the skins before activating the brakes!

Release Adjustment Toe Piece
Most insert bindings only allow adjustment of the DIN settings at the heel unit, there being no adjustment of the toe piece. The Freeraider Evo bindings feature a new toe piece design with adjustment of the toe unit DIN release, to give the bindings a more coherent and uniform release action.

The Raider 13 Evo has a release range of 5-13 DIN, has 25 mm boot length adjustment and weighs only 370 g per ski, amazing for a binding offering this level of control.
Compatible with ATK's Freeride Spacer to ensure the boot heel has a stable platform, the Raider 13 Evo is available with a range of no less than 6 ski brake widths from 86-120 mm.
Weighing only 370 g per ski and with a release range of 5-13 DIN,  the Raider 13 EVO is a great choice for strong free rando skiers wanting a light yet super-solid touring binding.

See our TABLE ATK 2024 Binding Specifications for a technical comparison of all ATK 2024 bindings.

Features Raider 13 Evo - White

Easy Entry System®:
New geometry of the toe parts elements that makes the step-in easy and confident with any tech boot available on the market, even in case of worn out soles.
Snow Pack Proof System®:
No snow pack under the toe part, even with several up-hill/downhill transitions. It also avoids snow loads on the toe piece granting a perfect lightness at any moment.
U.H.V.® System (Up-hill Hardness Variator):
This system lets you adjust the up-hill locking hardness of the toe part. It compensates the boot toe insert wear and tear during the years, provides a proper locking strenght for each user and reduces the pressures on the locking mechanism.
Cam Release System®:
ATK's exclusive system that provides the most stable downhill performance on the market, extremely precise release and the softest heel step-in of the industry.
Elastic Response System®:
An elastic sliding system (14 mm of elasticity) applied to the heel part to ensure the natural ski flex (also in case of big jumps/compressions), improves the binding release performance when the binding is stressed, reduces the pressure on the ski-boot-binding system.
Magneto Heel Flaps® 
These provide 3 different walking modes.
Crampon Slot:
The built-in crampons slot assures the perfect insertion of any ATK Bindings® crampon size.
Boot Sole Adjustment Plate:
The 25 mm adjustment plate integrated in the heel part assures simple adjustment for different boots.

Model: ATK Raider 13 Evo - White

Materials: Aluminium 7075, Stainless steel, POM
DIN Release:
Vertical Release: 5-13 DIN
Lateral release: 5-13 DIN
Boot Length Adjustment: 25 mm
Heel Elastic Travel: 14 mm
Toe Piece Release Adustability: Yes
Walk Modes: Flat, +26 mm, +46.5 mm
Ski brake Widths: 86 mm, 91 mm, 97 mm, 102 mm, 108 mm, 120 mm
ski Brake System: EVO
Weight / ski: 370 g
Weight / pair: 740 g
Recommended Use:
Recommended Ski Width: 80-120 mm
Recommended Ski Weight: 1000-1700 g / ski
Recommended User Weight: 50-110 kg
Colour: White