Telemark Binding Accessories

Telemark Binding Accessories

Here you'll find a huge range of leashes, ski brakes, riser plates, ski crampons, binding springs and spare parts for telemark bindings. If you cannot find what you need then please ask us, we probably have it in stock, or can order it for you. Please note that Rottefella, G3 and Black Diamond do not produce parts for their discontinued 75 mm bindings (Rottefella Chili/Cobra, G3 Targa/ Targa Ascent, Black Diamond O1/O2/O3 models) so parts for these are not available.

Ski Leashes / Ski Brakes

As a rule telemark bindings do not come equipped with ski brakes, which are available as options for most models. It's essential to either add brakes to your bindings, or a safety leash. Brakes are handy, especially with bindings that offer step-in convenience, but do sometimes make that step-in a bit more fiddly. They're also a safer bet should you take a fall at speed, or be avalanched. Leashes are lighter and avoid the skis getting lost in powder or on hard ice snow. Our preferred leash is the 22Designs Coil Leash, it's strong and does not "unclip" as can some others. Whether you prefer brakes or leashes, make sure that you use one or the other.

Ski Crampons

Some brands produce ski crampons for their bindings while others produce attachment slots that let you attach Dynafit ski crampons.

Binding Springs

Most telemark bindings, with the exception of 7tm, use springs that are available with different stiffnesses, to change the "activity" of the bindings. A light skier with small feet may prefer softer springs while a hard charging heavyweight with size 48 feet will want stiffer springs. 

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