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The easiest and quickest way to pay is by MasterCard or Visa through our secure site.  We do not accept Diners Club or American Express.   You can also use Paypal but please note that processing can take up to 3 days. You can also pay by bank transfer; please note that bank transfers can delay the order by up to 10-14 days as we need to wait until our bank has notified us of the transfer before we send out the gear, and any bank charges involved will be at your cost.    

VAT stands for Value Added Tax, and is a goods tax applicable only to deliveries within the European Union (called TVA in France, IVA in Italy and Spain). VAT is payable on all orders delivered with the EU.

VAT is not payable on orders delivered outside the EU. There may be some additional taxes to pay when packages arrive in non EU countries, and the best place to find out about this is the government website of the destination country.  Deliveries to Norway, for instance (excluding Svalbard) will attract the standard rate of Norwegian VAT (25%) which must be paid to the delivery company which delivers your package.

You can select prices with or without VAT using the EU flag on the top bar of the homepage or by creating an account with your address details and logging in to the site. In this case the software will automatically select the correct prices for you. For delivery outside the EU please use the ex VAT prices.  

If you live outside the EU and are visiting the EU for less than 6 months then you can reclaim the VAT that you have paid on your order.  To do this you need to add a VAT reclaim form to your shopping cart when making your order. These are to be found under Additional Services. In order to complete in this form we need to know the following information:
1 – Your passport number
2 - your residential address
3 - Your nationality
4 - Your date of birth.

Please supply this information in the Comments Box when you place your order. . We will send you a printed copy of the completed form and detailed instructions in the package with your ordered items. You need to show the form, our receipt/invoice and the gear you have bought when you pass through Customs on your way out of the EU. The customs will contact us to confirm processing so that we can credit your card

Unfortunately, on all orders the invoice must be enclosed with the package and we are not able to mark down the value (or mark it as a sample or gift).  We understand that the import or sales tax in some countries are high, however we are required to disclose the correct value and to do otherwise is illegal.

We hope you understand.

The best way to check shipping costs is through the site – this will enable you to compare Standard and Express shipping, also how shipping costs vary should you add or delete items from your order.

To do this please create a customer account on our website: it’s quick and easy, and we do not share your details with any third parties whatsoever.  Then log in to your customer account and begin adding items to your basket.  You can begin the checkout process at any time, and it will show you the different shipping rates for your address for whatever is in the basket – you also have the opportunity to specify a delivery address different from the address on your customer account, so you can see the effect of shipping the order somewhere else. You can backtrack and adjust the items in the basket any number of times, and you are not committed to buying until you actually decide to.   

For most destinations in Europe Express shipping takes 1-2 days. Standard shipping takes 3-10 days with most deliveries being delivered in 3-5 days.  Obviously if you live at the end of a single track road in the middle of the outback then there is a fair chance that it might take longer.  For example, Svalbard in the Arctic takes 2-3 weeks, as do some parts of the Russian Federation, where we can ship using the Post.   If you would like a more precise figure then please drop us an email stating your address including postal/zip code, what you’d like to order and we can tell you the delivery date as calculated by the transporter. 

Within France, standard shipping generally takes 2-3 days. 

We charge shipping at cost and use competitive rates negotiated with our transport partners – La Poste, UPS, DHL, Chronopost and TNT. Depending upon the service, shipping costs may be calculated based upon both weight and volume. Therefore a helmet can have a seemingly large shipping cost, but it is actually the fact that it takes up a large amount of space, especially as it needs to be properly packaged. If in doubt please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.  In all cases we try and pick the most economical and reliable shipping method for the items bought.

Yes, we can do this, but please make sure you have contacted the hotel/ guest house previously and made sure that they have agreed to accept your package. Some hotels will not do so unless they have been informed in advance.  Please make sure that you include the hotel telephone number for delivery, and tell us when you will be staying at the hotel (check-in and out dates) in case we need to contact them.

If your delivery address is within the EU, we can ship items to you net of VAT if you send us a scan of your military ID.  However the rules have recently been changed and now we also require a scan of your base’s certificate of exemption from VAT.  What we can’t do is ship to a BFPO or directly to a military base anywhere.  We need a street address where someone will be available to sign for the package to confirm that you have received it, and a telephone number in the country of delivery so that the transporter can contact you if there are any problems. 

No. We do need a physical delivery address where someone is able to sign for the package to confirm that it has been delivered.  Otherwise the packages are returned to us.  This physical address could be a work address or a helpful friend, and the person signing does not have to be you, as long as you are happy for their signature to count as proof that you have received the package.  There are exceptions, for instance Svalbard and some remote areas where packages are always left at a local Post Office for collection.  Please note that we always need a local phone number so that the transporter can contact you in case of a problem or question: they cannot call a landline or mobile outside of the country of delivery.

Yes, we have expert experienced technicians who will be happy to mount the bindings before we ship the skis.  If you are buying both skis and bindings from us this service is free of charge.  Please tell us details of your boots using the “Mounting Bindings” form. We need to know the model, Mondopoint size and sole length in millimeters of the boots you will be using with the skis.  The boot sole length is often stamped into the sole of the boot near the heel, but if in doubt please measure the total length of the outer sole of the boot with a tape measure.  If you are going to use more than one pair of boots with the new setup, please send us the information for each pair; we will then check with you exactly how you want the bindings mounted before we drill any holes in the skis.  Also please tell us if you have any special instructions as regards the position of the bindings; our skimen will be happy to discuss it with you and make sure you get the bindings mounted just as you want them. 

Yes, you can provide us with your boot size based on the following simple method: put your heel against the wall on a piece of paper, mark the tip of your longest toe with a dash ( we are doing our best to help you so you won’t have to lean); then all you have to do is measure the distance between the wall and the dash mark. You can also include details about your usual boot size and/or your current ski boot (brand, model, size). We have been granting our customers the guidance they need for a long time now. This can take a while but it’s better than receiving the wrong size! Most of these measures help determine the right shell boot size you need, but if your foot length is caught between two sizes, we help you choose the most appropriate one. Please keep in mind that the final decision is yours and therefore we cannot be held responsible for a wrong boot size choice.


We will be more than happy to help make the most suitable ski model selection for you. In order for us to give you the best guidance, let us know more about your ski preferences ( off-piste, telemark, alpine touring, alpine) as well as your age, weight, ski style, favourite brand and budget. Anything to make our customers satisfied!

Yes, we can select items and add them to your initial order. Please send us your email address along with the items of your choice, the quantity and the number of the initial order, so that we can update it. Warning: This could increase the shipping cost. We will ask you in return to make an additional payment using the additional costs page on our website.

All additional costs are in euros. If you have selected a specific currency on our website, please make sure to make an update in euros before payment using the button on the top right of the screen. You can therefore add the additional cost in euros; and then switch back to the currency of your choice to proceed with payment. Please make sure to leave your initial order number in the comment box that will display at the final payment stage in order for us to make the link between the two.

If you make a last-minute order supplement, before the initial order being dispatched, please give us a call to make sure your package is not on its way to your home and send us an email with ‘urgent’ as the ‘subject’ title. We receive many emails on a daily basis and we cannot go through all of them, so the word ‘urgent’ will help a lot.


Before returning anything back, please send us an email in which you include your initial order number and state your reasons. Only then we can take your request into consideration. We will provide you with all the needed instructions, plus a return code. This is inevitable, especially if you don’t belong to one of the EU countries. We will not accept your return if you do not follow these procedures.

Some warranty issues can be solved that do not necessarily require returning an item and this will save us both time and money. So, please give us a call before returning anything.

The warranties of the manufacturer are all the same. If you have any question concerning the warranty of a particular item or if you have a damaged one, please contact us via email by sending, if possible, some photos showing clearly the damage as well as details of what caused it. Since it is important that we contact the manufacturer for warranty issues, the photos you send us will be very useful. We will get back to you as soon as we get a reply from the manufacturer.

Yes, if you own a tax-payer company in one of the EU countries rather than France, you can buy from our shop net of VAT. We cannot reduce the VAT the moment you make an order. We would be very grateful if you can leave a message in the dialog box at the end of the online purchase process with the VAT registration number. Please include a scan of your VAT registration certificate as well, before any act of refund ( in case of credit card or paypal payment) or deduction ( in case of invoice issuance for payment by bank transfer). We should keep a copy of your updated registration certificate. So please do not be too surprised, after various orders, we would request a new copy of this certificate. Making a free-tax order requires that the delivery is done based on the address of your registered company.