Delivery outside the EU

The best way to verify shipping costs is online: this will allow you to compare various shipping methods, and also how shipping costs vary if you add or remove items from your order.
To do this, please create an account on our site. It's quick and easy, and it will allow you to update the equipment that interests you as you want. We DO NOT share your data with third parties, so they are safe with us. To verify the shipping costs, add the items to the cart and then go to the checkout. (You can of course return to the shopping cart at any time, without obligation to continue with the payment).

We usually ship outside the EU by UPS Express or DHL Express.

Delivery to the east coast of the USA. UU. It usually takes 1 to 3 days, to the west coast and to the Rocky Mountains for 2 to 4 days.

We send packages every day of the week from Monday to Friday, and you will receive an email notification that the package is already on its way, with the tracking code.

You can simulate the probable delivery time to your address at (Our zip code is 09110, France).

This page contains information about the charges that you may be required to pay when ordering products for shipment to the USA. This information is based on the comments and experience of our clients to date. As such, we welcome all contributions to keep this page updated. Tell us if you were charged rights and how it was calculated. Thank you!

Import taxes
Goods entering the United States are subject to import taxes that vary according to the type of item and the country of origin. The following rates apply to ski equipment manufactured in the European Community:

Alpine skis: 2.6%
Alpine bindings: 2.8%
Plastic ski boots: 0% (no charge)
Ski poles: 0% (no charge)
Snowshoes: 2.6%

It seems to be totally arbitrary that these taxes are collected. Some customers have told us that no taxes were collected at all, and if they are charged, then the amount to pay is not high. For example, a client told us that he paid $ 5.98 of taxes for a couple of ski bindings plus a "handling fee" of $ 5, a total of $ 10.98. As he said: "They look for a way to collect money, but it's not much" .

We have had many repeat orders from our US customers. UU So presumably the import charges are not a problem.

Sales tax
Our prices are net of sales tax in the United States. As far as we know, there is no sales tax to be paid on purchases from abroad.

Goods entering Canada are subject to two different charges, the "Goods and Services Tax" (GST) and the import tariffs that apply to certain goods.

  1. 1. The "Tax on goods and services" (GST) is currently 5% and is charged on all goods entering Canada.
Import tariffs vary according to the type of article being imported, and the country of origin. Some examples are: Ski bindings (Code 9506.12.00): 6%
Downhill ski boots (Code 6402.12.10): 0% (ie, you do not have to pay import taxes).

There is a Canadian Customs website that allows you to determine the import tariffs for any item:

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