Waterproofing Treatments

Waterproofing Treatments

To get the best performance and longest life out of your boots, be sure to clean them regularly and to let them dry inside and out after use, but do not expose them to high temperatures that could damage them. Removing the footbeds will allow them to dry quicker. Make sure that the boots are fully waterproofed, it's always best to renew the waterproofing treatment too often than not often enough. Wet boots are heavier, colder and wear out quicker. We stock waterproofing products from Nikwax, the world leaders in effective environmentally friendly waterproofing treatments for clothing and footwear.

Traditional smooth leather boots can be waterproofed with a wax designed to revitalise breathability and maintain the suppleness of the leather.
Nubuc and suede boots require a different water-based product that maintains the texture and breathability of the exterior. This allows the Gore-Tex (or similar) membranes to breath effectively and remove moisture.
Mixed fabric and leather boots can we treated with a similar product that protects both the leather and the synthetic fabrics. These water based treatments are quick and easy to apply, so no excuses for wet boots !!

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