Offpiste winter travel - our core expertise !!
TELEMARK - A more accurate name would be FREEHEEL skiing, which better describes the sport and the choice of techniques available. The telemark turn itself is certainly the most interesting, it’s technical, physically demanding and super satisfying to make. The vast choice of styles (high or low stance, skis edged or flat, weight distribution, neutral or active bindings, just to name a few criteria…) make telemark so much fun. And hey, when there’s ice, if you’re tired or just fancy a change, you can swap to parallel, jump and step turns, not forgetting that those heels can lift up at any moment!! Going touring? Modern tele tech bindings give friction-free climbing plus excellent backcountry performance. Unlock those heels and enrich your life!!
Alpine Touring is the most efficient way to travel in the mountains in winter. Dramatic advances in ski, boot and binding technology have made AT gear much lighter, safer and reliable and these improvements plus the fact that it’s great exercise and a more “natural” experience have resulted in a large increase in alpine touring the last few years. There is a vast choice of gear depending upon your style of touring. Ultralight gear for skimo competitions and fitness training, all-round kit for traditional touring and fat touring skis for backcountry powder. The TP team are fanatic tourers and our experience ensures that we can suggest the best gear for your needs. We also stock a huge range of off-piste safety gear, binding accessories, helmets, poles, skins and backpacks.
Nordic touring is the best way to travel over snowbound undulating terrain, ideal when the kilometres covered in a day count more than the metres climbed. It’s excellent fun and also supposed to be the perfect aerobic sport, since it uses all your muscle groups without hard shocks to the body. The gear is pretty much the same whether you're planning to traverse the Greenland ice cap, go touring in Norway or just cruise around your local woods. Traditionally skis have been long and narrow to cover the most distance. Wider skis are easier when descending and more stable in soft snow. Bases can be waxed or have “fishscale” bases to avoid backsliding. For long or steep climbs skins will come in handy. TP’s nordic tourers can guide you in choosing the best gear for your nordic adventures.
Splitboard touring was invented by Voile in Salt Lake City and is gaining in popularity every winter. Like other backcountry winter disciplines, gear has improved immensely with lighter boards and binding systems that are more ergonomic and that can switch mode (up / down hill) ever faster. We stock boards from Jones, Voile and K2 bindings from Spark, Voile and Karakorum plus splitboard skins and touring poles. We also carry a vast range of accessories and spare parts. On a budget and handy with a jigsaw? Voile’s famous Split Kit lets you start splitboarding at minimal cost. Not sure what’s best for you? TP’s splitboarders will be happy to advise should you like help starting out in the backcountry, or should you not be able to find what you need. Give us a shout, we’re here to help!!

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