Alpine Skis

Alpine Skis


These are narrower alpine skis designed for use mainly on piste but that can also be used in moderate offpiste conditions.
Mounted with touring bindings they can be a good choice for skiers who ski mainly in resorts but want one pair of skis with which to also tour occasionally.


The latest freeride skis are often not much heavier than dedicated touring skis and can be an excellent choice for strong confident tourers wanting the best possible downhill performance while touring. Probably not the best choice for beginners since turn initiation may be a little more demanding in difficult snow conditions, and the slight weight disadvantage compared to true touring skis can tire less experienced skiers faster.


These are powder skis that offer the very best performance in the deepest soft snow conditions. If you're considering touring with these skis then you'll have the experience, technique and strength required to make the most of the deepest untracked in the backcountry. These skis are by definition heavier and require more work when skinning, especially should you encounter icy traverses. A good choice for "sidecountry" skiing if you are lucky enough to live where it dumps often, and of course for heliskiing.


If you're looking for these then you almost certainly don't need any advice!! These are pretty specialised fat freestyle skis designed to turn tricks in the backcountry. Great fun for those with the technique and stamina..

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