Crampon Accessories

Crampon Accessories

Antiballing plates: The antiballing plates are soft plastic which can be added to the crampons, they prevent snow accumulation between the shoe and the crampon, which could avoid the crampons to work properly.

Crampon spare parts: There are different types of bars that adapt to the crampons:

  • long bars allow people with a large foot to use crampons
  • flexible bars allow a freer and flexible movement for glacier hikes
  • the curved bars will make crampon fit better on asymetric shoes

Crampons bag protection: Putting crampons into your backpack without protection is very delicate and risk to make holes in it, or to damage the other material carried in the backpack. It is useful to have the crampons protected by pockets which are strong and prevent points to damage anything. There are also ferrules on each tip of the spike; it is lighter but often less resistant over the time. 

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