Rottefella NTN Freeride 2025

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We mount bindings free of charge when you buy skis and bindings. Please check the box if you would like bindings mounted and fill in the required information for your ski boots, along with any other relevant information:

Please provide us with ALL of the following information:

  • Ski boot make and model
  • Ski boot mondopoint size
  • Ski boot sole length in mm
  • Your regular UK or European shoe size
  • If buying multiple skis/bindings, please confirm which binding you'd like attached to which ski

Rottefella's NTN (New Telemark Norm) is a powerful binding system. The NTN offers good lateral control, step-in, ski brakes, a touring (uphill) mode and a rudimentary release system.

Ski brake. Available in two size, Small with Soft Power Tubes, and Large, with Medium Power Tubes.The NTN bindings come supplied  110 mm brakes. While many skiers like the NTN, some have found the binding did not enable them to ski to their preferred telemark stance, particularly those who like skiing low. The mount bindings on skis bought at the same time free of charge. To enable our ski men to correctly position the bindings on the skis please include the following information with your order:
1. The length in mm of your ski boot sole.
2. The model and size of your ski boots.
3. Your regular shoe size (European, UK or US men’s/women’s).


Increased lateral stability.
Good edge control.
Quicker edge to edge response.
Adjustable binding position.
Free pivot touring function.
Symmetrical bindings.
Easy ”step-in”like entry.
Release function.

Scarpa & Crispi: Up to 26 MP
Garmont: Up to 25.5 MP
Scarpa & Crispi: From 26.5 MP
Garmont: From 26.0 MP.
Height: 30 mm
Point of rotation: 16mm from boot front
Ski brakes: 95mm
Long binding without ski brakes: 1.85 Kg/pair
Short binding without ski brakes: 1.75 Kg/pair

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