Dynafit Speed Turn 2024

Dynafit Speed Turn 2024
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Colour: Blue
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Dynafit Speed Turn

Dynafit Speed Turn is the latest iteration of the very first binding that started the 'insert binding" revolution.
The result of over 25 years of development and refinement, the Speed Turn is both lighter and more rigid than earlier versions of the Speed bindings.

The toepiece of the Speed Turn features a light yet strong one piece forged 7075 aluminium alloy baseplate providing a rigid platform for improved binding ski contact with the baseplate sitting directly on the ski. Lighter than previous versions, the Speed Turn 2.0 weighs 684 g a pair (screws and ski crampon attachment included). The Speed Turn 2.0 has a two piece metal and plastic crampon slot held in place by the rear two toepiece screws.
Toepiece binding screws have 30 mm lateral spacing and 39 mm between the front two and rear two holes to ensure binding retention.
Thanks to the high torsional rigidity of the baseplate, Dynafit recommend the Speed Turn for skis up to 95 mm at the waist. 
The Speed Turns weighs 700 g a pair (screws and ski crampon attachment included). The Speed Turn has a two piece crampon slot held in place by the rear two toepiece screws.

The Speed Turn has a simpler heel lift system than the Speed Radical. Twisting the heel unit gives a choice of two heel lift heights using the top of the heel unit, then the angled higher arm.
As in previous versions, a plastic spacer can be added to this to gain another 8 mm height. Lateral and vertical release range stays at 4-10 DIN, sufficient for this type of binding. 
The heel unit has 24 mm (+12mm / -12 mm) length adjustment so can accept up to three boot shell sizes without need to re-mount the bindings. The heel unit does not have a "flex compensation" system built into the length adjustment mechanism, as used on the Radical and Rotation 10 & 12 bindings.
Ski brakes are not available for the Speed Turn 2.0, which comes supplied with the easy-to-use Guide leash.

Dynafit's TLT Speed Turn offers excellent value for money and proven reliability and maintains it's position as one of the best choices for skiers on a budget looking for an easy-to-use lightweight touring binding.

Features Speed Turn - Dynafit

Aluminium toepiece baseplate with 4 hole screw pattern and removable ski crampon slot.
Boot length adjustment 24 mm (+12 mm / -12 mm).
Heel unit with adjustable vertical and lateral release range 4-10 DIN.
Two climbing aid positions accessed by rotating the heel unit.
Supplied complete with Guide leash.

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Model: Dynafit Speed Turn 2024

Colour: Blue - Black/Silver
Boot length adjustment: 24 mm (+12 mm / -12 mm)
Weight / pair: 684 g

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