ATK Speed Touring Ski Poles

ATK Speed Touring Ski Poles
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Speed - ATK Touring Poles

The ATK Speed Touring Poles poles have a design similar to the line carbon. Made of aluminum alloy 7075-the same as ATK Bindings-these poles are extremely lightweight and very reliable. Ideal for competition and for all uses within race tour. DUPLO grips with a string of 24 mm to have the best grip at any time. Lightweight and ergonomic design, ideal for skiers who wants an indestructible pole.

Model: ATK Speed Touring Poles

Length: 130 - 135 - 140  -145 cm
Colour: Black/Yellow
MaterialsAlu 7075
130 cm: 198 gr
135 cm: 203 gr
140 cm: 208 gr
145 cm: 213 gr

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