Terra Nova Multi Tarp 

Terra Nova Multi Tarp 

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Colour: Green
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Designed to fit over geodesic and semi-geodesic tents such as the Quasar and Voyager ranges, the Multi Tarp can also be used as a stand-alone shelter. When combined with a tent it provides a very large (approx. 1.5 meters long) covered area for cooking under as well as giving shelter to the porch area to allow full-door ventilation. It's low weight (620g) and pack-size make the Multi Tarp a conveniant alternative to upgrading your tent for those extended trips where porch space is at a premium.


Low weight 
High flexibility 
Lots of storage space
Porch extension that doubles as a stand alone tarpaulin
Creates approx 1.5 metres of covered porch space for geodesic/semi-geodesic tents. 

Dimensions : 
Height:  130cm
Width:  150cm
Weight:  620 g
Minimum Weight:  560 g
Packed Width:  41 cm
Packed Height:  30 cm
Number of Pegs:  8
Peg Type:  Aluminium Alloy
Pole Type:  9.5mm Reflex


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