Beal Air Force 3

Beal Air Force 3
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Compatible with all rope types, the Air Force 3 allows the leader, when at the stance, to individually belay and lock off one or two seconds. The small insert hole allows the rope
to be released even when under tension.
The Air Force 3 belay device is compatible with single ropes of any diameter but is
specifically designed for use with half and twin ropes.
The V-grooves offer extra friction to improve rope braking while belaying and optimum
energy absorption when catching a leader’s fall, yet provide enough smoothness to pay
out slack easily
The wide, straight grooves offer edge-free running of the rope.


Reduces abrasion to the rope
Braking force adapts to the rope diameter
Individual N°
Compatible with rope diameters from 7.3mm to 10 mm

Colour: Green, Blue.

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