Camp Piz Alu

Camp Piz Alu

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Camp Piz Alu

The Piz Alu is a fixed-length aluminum alloy pole designed to be a workhorse for ski mountaineering addicts. Skiers get the lightweight performance benefits of a fixed length pole, but with a robust 16 mm aluminum alloy tube construction for a level of strength and durability that race poles cannot deliver. The grip is designed for maximum comfort and a long extension of grip material allows skiers to choke up on the poles on steep terrain. The wrist loops are ergonomic with neoprene reinforcements for extra comfort. The tough carbide tips are shaped like a knife blade to attack frozen terrain and the rigid baskets feature a large surface area and serrated edges for extra grip on hard snow and for scraping iced up skins.

Camp Piz Alu Features:

Fixed length aluminum alloy poles for ski mountaineering
Extremely tough with a 16 mm tube diameter, ideal for frequent use
Main grip is ergonomic for exceptional comfort and performance
Long extension of grip material down the shaft for choking up on the poles on steep terrain
Fast clip adjustable wrist loops are differentiated for right and left hands for optimal comfort and are easy to adjust while moving
Available in 7 lengths from 115 to 145 cm
Carbide tips with a knife blade profile for a solid grip even on ice
Rigid baskets with large surface area and serrated edges for improved grip on hard snow and for scraping iced up skins

Model: Camp Piz Alu

Length: 120-125-130-135-140 cm
Diameter: 16 mm
120 cm: 418 g
125 cm: 430 g
130 cm: 440 g
135 cm: 452 g
140 cm: 462 g

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