Arva Survival Blanket 60 g

Arva Survival Blanket 60 g
3,75 €
Colour: Silver Aluminium

A lightweight reflective survival blanket made with 13 micron metallised polyester, with one face silver and one face gold colour. Highly reflective - the silver side reflects 90 % of radiant heat - this blanket was first used in space!! 
With the silver side outside, the blanket can be used to reflect heat, and so keep tents, caravans and cars cooler in sunlight. 
With the golden side outside, the blanket is effective in insulating against humidity, cold and rain, and can help maintain an injured person's body temperature. 
Lightweight yet strong, an injured person may be moved by carrying the blanket as a hammock.

Size: 220 x 160 cm
Weight: 60 g

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