X-Socks Ski Rider 2.0 - Grey/Orange

X-Socks Ski Rider 2.0 - Grey/Orange
24,16 €
European Size: 39/41

Top Comfort, Combined with the state of the art technology, The innovative comfort sock for passionate skiers. The high-quality material mix and specific protection zones support the foot in the compact ski boots. The proven X-Socks ventilation system ensures dry and warm feet. Although the ski boots have evolved enormously in terms of comfort and weight, there are a few feet that do not quite fit in the boots. Discomforting pressure points and blisters follow thus. The hollow-chamber yarn Robur, processed at X-Socks, with its damping effect, prevents these inconveniences. The developers also paid attention particularly to the sensitive area around the ankle integrating special pads so a day in ski boots is much more pleasant.


Air-Conditioning Channel for X-Socks
Aktiv-­Bund for X-Bionic
Anatomically Shaped Effektor Footbed


Colour: Grey/Orange
European Size: 39/41 - 42/44
Technical Composition:
49% Polyamide
26% Polyester
10% Acrylic
8% Wool
5% Polypropylene
2% Elastane
Material Composition:
29% Nylon
18% Polyester
20% Robur
13% DuraWool
10% Xitaloft
8% Skin NODOR
2% Elastane


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