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Wild Country Rocks on Wire sizes 0 to 14

Wild Country Rocks on Wire sizes 0 to 14
9,90 €
Wild Country

The original curved nut and probably the best selling piece of pro’ ever, Wild Country Rocks recently got a sweet makeover to bring them back to the forefront of passive pro technology.These ultra-stylish units will give an extra dimension to any rack making selection and placement faster and better than ever.Relatively recently upgraded they continue to lead the pack offering a host of unbeatable features:
Increased range up to size 14: A simple but obvious of changes was to increase the size range. This meant that Rocks became a great wired equivalent to the mega-useful Rockentrics, a simple and cheap equivalent to bigger cams for those just starting out as well as better tool for winter climbing.
Thinner & Lighter: The side-walls on sizes 7-14 have been slimmed making these new units incredibly light for their size and meaning you can carry more for less weight. For example if one compares the old sizes 7 – 10 which weighed 216 g with the new sizes at 186 g there is around a 14% saving – a not inconsiderable sum from an essential part of your rack..
Anodised colour coding: Supercool matt anodising makes Rocks easier to distinguish and faster to select. It is also important to note that each colour co-ordinates with the equivalent Friend and Zero size as well as all other colour coded Wild Country products. e.g a Rock 6 in Red is the same size as a Zero cam 6 and a Friend ?
Tapered sides: A neat five degree side cut gives new and more solid ‘end-on’ placement possibilities.

Tapered sides, thinner side walls.
Colour coding, fourteen sizes.
Sets available 1-8 / 9-14. 6082 T6 alloy 3 Sigma rated, CE EN12270, UIAA 122.

Sizes: 0-0.25-0.5-0.75-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14
Size 0: 9.6 mm/4.4 mm
Size 0.25: 106 mm/4.9 mm
Size 0.5: 11.6 mm/5.6 mm
Size 0.75: 12.1 mm/6.9 mm
Size 1: 13 mm/7 mm
Size 2: 13.8 mm/8.2 mm
Size 3: 14.5 mm/9.6 mm
Size 4: 15.3 mm/11.3 mm
Size 5: 16.8 mm/13.3 mm
Size 6: 19 mm/15.6 mm
Size 7: 21.2 mm/18.4 mm
Size 8: 24 mm/21.6 mm
Size 9: 27.7 mm/24.4 mm
Size 10: 31 mm/30 mm
Size 11: 35 mm/34 mm
Size 12: 38 mm/38 mm
Size 13: 41 mm/44 mm
Size 14: 45 mm/50 mm
Size 0-0.25: 6 g
Size 0.5-0.75: 10 g
Size 1: 16 g
Size 2: 25 g
Size 3: 28 g
Size 4: 30 g
Size 5: 32 g
Size 6-7: 36 g
Size 8: 41 g
Size 9: 49 g
Size 10: 60 g
Size 11: 70 g
Size 12: 81 g
Size 13: 94 g
Size 14: 109 g