Valandre Mirage 3/4 Zip

Valandre Mirage 3/4 Zip
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This incredible lightweight bag combines the tubular bell system with pre-cut anatomically formed baffles and ultra-light Asahi-Kasei Impact 66 rip-stop polyamide 40.7g/m2 fabric. With this miraculous potion, the Mirage keeps its loft even at the loftiest heights.

The 365 g fill of 800+ cu in (EU) goose down keeps you snuggly warm in temperatures as low as -1C , and its tiny pack size of a mere 4.8 litres (773g total) makes it the perfect bag to take up to a high camp on your way to the top. The secret of the Mirage’s success is that it only touches the upper body and has no contact with either your feet or legs: it simply hovers above them creating a vacuum that embraces the heat emanating from your body.


Extreme : -23.2°c
Limit of comfort :  -5.7°c
Comfort :  0.1°c
Outside fabric : 100% polyamide nylon 6-6 ripstop 40.7g/m2 dwr treatment
Inside fabric : 100% polyester 40.8g/m2 dwr treatment
Compartments : 16 continuous compartments, mounted using valandre's second generation tubular technology of h-box wall pre-cut and anatomical shaped baffles.
Outer length: 
S: 200 cm
M: 215 cm
L: 230 cm
Inner length:
S: 170 cm
M: 185 cm
L: 200 cm
S: 145 cm
M: 128 cm
L: 170 cm
S: 123 cm
M: 135 cm
L: 147 cm
S: 87 cm
M: 95 cm
L: 101 cm
Compressed volume:
S: 4.5 L
M: 4.8 L
L: 5 L
Total Weight:
S: 698 g
M: 773 g
L: 843 g
Down Load:
S: 338 g
M: 365 g
L: 393 g




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