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Alpine Touring Boots

Alpine Touring Boots

Alpine touring boots are designed for backcountry skiing. While they look superficially similar to alpine ski boots, having a plastic outer shell plus an insulated liner boot, AT boots have specific features to make backcountry travel practical:
1. A Vibram or rubber sole for grip.
2. A rockered sole for more efficient walking.
3. A Ski/Walk mechanism. This locks the upper cuff for skiing in Ski mode while the Walk mode allows forward and backward cuff rotation while walking.
4. The toe and heel have lugs compatible with standard AT bindings. Many AT boots have toe and heel inserts for use with Dynafit and other insert bindings.
Some lightweight models are designed only for use with insert bindings.
5. Weight is critical when touring and alpine touring boots are generally lighter than alpine ski boots.

Which boots are best for me?

We’ve divided our AT boots into three categories, Race, Efficient and Free-Tour to help you select the best model for your needs.

Race Boots

Race Boots are made for ski mountaineering competitors and for “ski running”, ski touring using the lightest possible gear. These boots give a moderate level of control and maximum cuff rotation so that the ankle is free to move. Race boots are designed for use with insert bindings only and cannot be used with the standard alpine touring bindings. The same applies to skis – these boots have enough power for race and lightweight narrow touring skis, but cannot drive wider and heavier skis.
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Race Boots

Dynafit PDG2
La sportiva raceborg
Scarpa Alien 1.0
Scarpa Alien 3.0
Scarpa Alien
Scarpa Alien RS

Efficient Alpine Touring Boots

Efficient Alpine Touring Boots are designed for classic ski touring. Not too heavy, with typically 3 buckles plus a Velcro “power strap”, these boots offer the optimum compromise between comfort and weight for the way up, and performance for the descent. They generally have a medium volume shell since all-day or multi-day comfort is important when touring. Efficient touring boots are the most versatile and the best choice for tours where there is both height and distance to cover.
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Efficient Alpine Touring Boots

Atomic Backland Carbon 
Dynafit TLT7 Expedition CL Women 
Dynafit TLT7 Expedition CR Women
Dynafit TLT7 Performance
Dynafit TLT8 Carbonio 
Dynafit TLT8 Expedition CL
Dynafit TLT8 Expedition CL W
Fischer My Travers GR
Fischer Travers CC
Scarpa Alien 1.0 
Scarpa Alien
Scarpa Alien RS
Scarpa F1 Men
Scarpa F1 Women's
Scarpa Gea 
Scarpa Maestrale 
Scott Cosmos III 
Scott Cosmos III 2019

Free-Tour Boots

Free-Tour boots have a more descent orientated design. The shells are stiffer, often narrower and usually have four buckles. The cuff is higher and stiffer, but still has the ski/walk mechanism. Some models are supplied with a choice of interchangeable soles, for use in alpine or alpine touring bindings. These boots require more effort on the way up but many stronger skiers are willing to put in the extra work in exchange for their downhill performance.
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Free-Tour Boots

Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 115 Women
Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 130
Dalbello Lupo 130 C
Dalbello Lupo Air 130
Dalbello Lupo AX 120
Dynafit Hoji Free
Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour 
Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour W
Fischer Ranger Free 130 Walk
Full Tilt Ascendant 
Lange XT 130 Free
Nordica Strider 130 Pro Dyn
Scarpa Freedom SL 120 Women
Scarpa Gea 
Scarpa Gea 18/19
Scarpa Gea RS
Scarpa Maestrale
Scarpa Maestrale 18/19
Scarpa Maestrale RS
Scarpa Maestrale XT
Tecnica Cochise DYN 130 
Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro
Tecnica Zero G Tour Scout Women


Almost all ski touring boots now come with heat mouldable liners. These have improved dramatically in the last few years and offer an optimum combination of light weight, hold and comfort.
It’s essential to choose the correct boot
s for your needs. They should be comfortable and compatible with the skis and bindings you’ll be using.
We have over 19 years experience in selecting the right boots for your needs and if you’d like help selecting the best boots for your needs then contact us – we’re here to help.


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