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Stockli Edge 100 Ski 2020

Stockli Edge 100 Ski 2020

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Edge 100 - Stockli Ski 2020 

Stockli's Edge series aim to combine the performance of the full-on charging Stormrider series with a slightly lighter design and more tolerant flex for travelling further into the backcountry.
A brand new ski with a brand new shape, the Edge 100 is Stockli's freeride/touring crossover ski, a ski that performs well for inbounds freeriding as well as being an excellent mid-fat free-rando ski.
The Edge skis have a lighter construction than the Stormrider series with a slightly softer flex at tip and tail, making them more forgiving and easier-to-use touring skis, adjusting effortlessly to the different terrain and snow conditions one finds touring.

Like all Stockli skis, the Edge 100 is packed with their high-tech technologies including Stockli's Light Core, Super Light Edge and the lightweight Thin Glass Laminate.
The Edge 100 is a reliable companion in the backcountry, climbing easily as well as being the perfect partner for all the descents you can find. Tough Polywall sidewalls and Stockli's Touring Tail to hold touring skins round out the technological innovations. Designed for intermediate and expert ski tourers wanting a quality backcountry ski, Stockli's Edge 100 will satisfy the most exigent ski tourers looking for a mid-fat freeride-touring ski.

Features: Stockli Edge 100 Ski 2020

Light core and super light core
Special wood types such as fuma or balsa wood are used for all-mountain, freeride, and touring models.
Thin Glass Laminate
The Thin Glass Laminate is about 25% lighter than traditional laminates
These sidewalls are impressive due to their great impact resistance and cushioning characteristics.
Tail Rocker
Revised design of ski tail bend: Flatter radius and longer bend.
Titanal Technology
Graphics directly applied to brushed Titanal top-sheet
Touring Tail
Special milling at the tail for Scott's touring skis
Touring Super Light Edges
Ski edges specially designed for ski touring combing reduced weight with resistance to knocks for long life.

Model: Stockli Edge 100 Ski 2020

Length: 168 - 177 - 186 cm
168 cm: 136-100-125 / 16.7 m
177 cm: 136-100-125 / 18.8 m
186 cm: 136-100-125 / 21.2 m
168 cm: 1.68 kg
177 cm: 1.78 kg
186 cm: 1.88 kg