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Enforcer Free 104 Ski 2020 - Nordica

New for 2020, the Nordica Enforcer Free 104 is an all-mountain freestyle ski. Unlike the Enforcer 100 and Enforcer 110 skis, which have an almost flat tail, the Enforcer Free 104 has a double rocker. The result is that the Enforcer Free 104 is a high-performance ski like the other Enforcers, but with a tail whose shape and rocker allow better pivoting and a more playful character.
With a balsa-carbon core reinforced with 2 metal plates, the Enforcer Free 104 is has a robust construction and a solid flex, particularly stiff. The shape and geometry of the Free 104 can lead to comparisons with the Black Crows Atris or Blizzard Rustler 10, however the comparison stops there since Nordica is much stiffer, especially in chopped up crud where the Enforcer Free 104 crushes everything in its path, while being less playful that the Black Crows or Blizzards.
On hardpack, turn initiation is precise with very good edge hold, with uniform ski deformation allowing powerful fast turns with excellent rebound out of the turn. In soft snow by comparison the stiff flex is not a hindrance, the Free 104s pivoting very easily and always remaining fluid underfoot.
With the Enforcer Free 104 Nordica have created an interesting proposition, combining the hard-charging character of the Enforcer series with a more playful shape and rocker / flex geometry letting it work well in powder with easy pivoting without tip or tail snatching, while really showing it's true character in mixed snow and when conditions get harder. One of our favorite skis this winter, we recommend the Enforcer Free 104 for very technical skiers wanting a solid ski with a modern shape for all snow conditions but with the emphasis on mixed and hard snow performance.

Features Enforcer Free 104 - Nordica

Construction: ENERGY 2 Ti
Rocker: Powder Rocker: 35% tip rocker, 40% camber, 25% tail rocker.


Model: Nordica Enforcer Free Ski 2020

Lengths: 172-179-186-191 cm
Sidecut / Radius
172 cm: 134-104-123 mm / 17.5 m
179 cm: 134.5-104-123.5 mm : 18.5 m
186 cm: 135-104-124 mm / 19.5 m
191 cm: 135-104-124 mm / 19.5 m