Enforcer 94 Unlimited Ski 2024 - Nordica

Introduced last season, the Enforcer Unlimited series skis offer All Mountain Touring capability with the renowned performance of the Enforcer skis.
These skis combine the downhill capabilities of the acclaimed Enforcer skis with a lightweight construction giving these skis game-changing uphill capabilities.
Weighing in at 1.46 kg per ski (172 cm), the Enforcer 94 Unlimited's lightweight construction makes it easy to maneuver and maximizes efficiency when touring—all without compromising performance on the descent. Nordica have given the Enforcer 94 Unlimited early rise tip and tail rocker with traditional camber underfoot.
With a very practical 94 mm waist, the Enforcer 94 Unlimited is a true all mountain freeride touring ski, equally adept skiing inbounds and out into the backcountry.
Make each day one to remember with the Nordica Enforcer 94 Unlimited.

Features Enforcer 94 Unlimited - Nordica

All Mountain Rocker:
30% tip rocker, 50% camber, 20% tail rocker
Lite performance wood + sidewalls  + carbon
Carbon Chassis Enforcer LT:
Nordica’s Carbon Chassis LT uses a proprietary blend of carbon materials to reduce weight while maximizing performance. The result is exceptional performance and efficiency shen skiing and touring.
True Tip LT:
By trimming the amount of heavy ABS plastic in the tip and extending the lightweight wood core into this area with a taper that further reduces weight, Nordica enhanced playfulness and maneuverability of the ski without compromising that unmatchable feeling of powerful and control. The next generation is upon us.

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Model: Nordica Enforcer 94 Unlimited Ski 2024

Lengths: 165-172-179-186 cm
165 cm: 125.5-94-112.5 mm / 15.5 m
172 cm: 126.5-94-114.5 mm / 16.1 m
179 cm: 127-94-115.5 mm / 17.1 m
186 cm: 127.5-94-115.5 / 18.2 m
Weight / pair:
165 cm: 2.70 kg pair
172 cm:  2.92 kg pair
179 cm: 3.08 kg pair
186 cm: 3.12 kg pair