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Sakana Ski 2020 - Line

The "even more superb!" Sakana returns this winter, unchanged, except for the topsheet and probably get's this year's award for the "best looking ski" even before we start thinking about snow.
Line and Eric Pollard have come together yet again to produce the Sakana, a 105mm-waisted swallowtail freeride ski that contains the deep-snow DNA of the Pescado. The Sakana is the result of Eric Pollard's surf inspirations and the Carbon / Flax construction, developed in partnership with BComp in Switzerland, gives the Sakana an amazing weight of only 1.75 kg / pair 174 cm, but also energy and an astonishing ability to filter vibrations.
Built with a curvy deep 150-106-138 mm sidecut and short 15 m average radius turn, the Sakana is super playful and encourages a wide variety of turn shapes.  Obviously in powder it is fantastic, with tip lift really optimized so that even the shorter lengths float like a dream. Where Sakana surprised us most is when snow conditions are less idyllic. With it's subtle rocker and rather classic mounting point (compared to double rockers), 105 mm waist, flat heel and dynamic flex, the Sakana is a superb all mountain ski. With a short 15 m radius the Sakana carves with authority on prepared pistes and it's pretty incredible to feel this with such a shape.
If the Sakana is excellent for short turns, it's a little less competent making long turns in chopped up snow when powerful skiers who want high directional stability will find the ski's limits.
The Sakana is not a go-anywhere do-anything ski. The Sakana is a ski apart and will please skiers who want a sensational ski for surfing powder and who will have fun carving turns inbounds until the next snowfall.

Features: Line Sakana Ski 2020

Not one, not two but Five different radii shapes are blended into the ski's overall sidecut to give you that intuitive control & unlimited turn shape.
Directional Flex
The softer tip floats & initiates turns easily while the stiffer tail provides power, stability & high speed control.
Partly Cloudy Core
 A blend of light weight wood creating the best strength to weight ratio of any Line ski.


Model: Line Sakana Ski

Lengths: 174-181 cm
Sidecuts: 150-106-138 mm
Radius: 15 m
Weight: 3.40 kg / pair