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FX96 HP Ski 2020 - Kastle

Please contact us if ordering Kastle skis for delivery to the USA. The MSRP for the Kastle FX 96HP is $1099.00 USD

Kastle have updated their hard charging FX HP series for 2020, freeride resort skis built for strong experienced skiers wanting high level performance in all situations when skiing on and off piste. We were afraid that Kastle may have excessively softened the character of the 2020 FX range, which were known for both performance and also taking no prisoners, but in fact they have developed these skis in the right direction, reducing ski weight without losing ski-snow contact.
The new FX96 HP is lighter than its predecessor the FX 95HP, but the Hollowtec 3.0 technology still absorbs vibrations and the famous contact with the snow is still there (phew!) as is the exceptional performance, despite Kastle having removed the titanal plate. Kastle have given the FX96 HP a sophisticated wood core comprising karuba, poplar and beech, taking advantage of the dynamics of the different characteristics of these species, combined with a mix of fibreglass and carbon fibre to give the necessary rigidity. The FX96 HP remains super stable in all conditions and only the heaviest skiers will regret the removal of the titanal plates - for these skiers Kastle still has the MX89 and MX99 with their double titanal plates and unrivalled torsional stiffness!!  While it's true that there is nothing better than using Titanal to absorb the vibrations, the FX96 HP offers the performance of the previous model and only very powerful skiers will feel any limits. Personally, we prefer the new design which gives greater differentiation in ski behaviour between the different Kastle ski families, where the MX and FX could sometimes overlap. The new FX models offer a greater difference in behavior and shape.
More than the new construction of the FX96 HP, we were especially intrigued by the new shape, with very high points of contact at the tip and tail giving a very square effect. The geometry is the opposite of the direction taken for example by Line with the latest Sir Francis Bacon or the new Outline series for example. Kastle's goal is to have a long edge contact to give the ski the grip to hold the curve very well. In contrast to many skis such as the Line Pollard series where the tip has been softened to let the ski pivot easily, but resulting in a loss of power and control at the tip, the stiffer tip of the FX96 HP demands a certain effort on the part of the skier when turning but pays back with excellent performance, especially on hard snow. In powder the tip rocker and the Hollowtec 3.0 ensure good behaviour but at low speed the FXHP 96 requires a certain technique on the part of the skier. No power steering!

The Kastle FX96 HP is designed for technical skiers with good alpine technique who will appreciate what these skis can do, and that's good since the ski market is saturated with so-called "do everything" skis that excel nowhere!!
Here you have character.....

Features: Kastle FX96 HP Ski 2020

Hollowtech 3.0
Kastle's patented, key technology is unique to ski manufacturing. By removing unneeded layers in the front of the ski the ski is lighter. This results in several advantages: the ski becomes up to 30 % damper, the ski feels more stable, edge-grip is more powerful, steering is more precise and the overall weight is reduced.
The new version 3.0 of our HOLLOWTECH technology has been revolutionized: It is now even lighter and features exclusively in the FX and PX ranges. HOLLOWTECH 3.0 is created in two layers. A new outer ring cuts out even more materials to save more weight. The size of the HOLLOWTECH is precisely matched to the shovel of each particular model - for performance that´s unbeatable.
Each Kästle ski is built with the finest wood core, manufactured with precision to one-tenth of a millimeter. This allows us to control the weight, responsiveness and dampening characteristics of the ski, resulting in a high-quality, durable product.
Sandwich-Sidewall Construction
Kastle adapt our Sandwich-Sidewall Construction from alpine racing and consider this technology a distinguishing feature of all of our models. This design gives every Kästle Ski optimal flex and torsional rigidity, creating sensitive and direct power transmission and ensuring total control, even at high speed. For the RX12 SL Kastle used the classic SANDWICH-SIDEWALL CONSTRUCTION.
For the FX series Kastle used the POWERZONE-SANDWICH-SIDEWALL-CONSTRUCTION, which combines the benefits of the classic and the SEMI-CAP-SANDWICH-SIDEWALL
Elliptical Radius
Each model is designed to have its own carving characteristics, which is based on the ski’s intended application, by adjusting the radius along the waist of the ski. The shape of the Elliptical Radius determines how quickly and aggressively the ski enters and exits a turn.
Graphite Sinter Base
Kästle uses uncompromisingly high-quality UHM SINTERED GRAPHITE bases, like those used in ski racing, for all its adult skis. This creates a durable, long-lasting base with excellent glide performance and wax absorption. Our children and junior skis feature though, easy-care extruded bases.
Kastle built their skis with classic camber and distinguish between Standard Camber and Low Camber:
With LOW CAMBER, the ski center is slightly elevated and the contact points are moved toward the ski center. The effective edge is consequentially less, and the ski is more playful and forgiving
Shovel and Tail:
With the shovel and tail design, we can refine the aggressiveness of our skis.
The HOOK FREE SHOVEL is a longer shovel that is often combined with Early or Progressive Rise. With this design the contact point to the snow is moved toward the center of the ski, thus ensuring a more forgiving and playful performance.
The HOOK FREE TAIL is often combined with Dual Rise and a longer tail, with the contact point being moved toward the center of the ski. The result is a forgiving, playful performance when exiting a turn.
With Rise technology, the shovel of the ski is optimized and control its float depending on the ski’s application.
PROGRESSIVE RISE optimizes float and easy turning in freeride conditions.
DUAL RISE technology combined with an adapted camber profile creates a ski which guarantees the best float, even in the deepest of snow, without losing responsiveness.
HP - High Performance
Kästle HP are high-performance models that allow skiers to reach and exceed their limits. Kastle creates unique constructions with additional carbon for the most demanding skiers. Connoisseurs recognize this feature through the HP lettering on each ski.

Model: Kastle MX96 HP Ski 2020

Lengths: 172-180-188 cm
Sidecut / Radius:
172 cm: 133-96-119 mm / 16.0 m
180 cm: 133-96-119 mm / 18.1 m
188 cm: 133-96-119 mm / 20.2 m
172 cm: 3.59 kg / pair
180 cm: 3.78 kg / pair
188 cm: 3.94 kg / pair