Fischer Transnordic 66 Easy Skin Extralite Ski 2023

Fischer have updated all their nordic touring skis for 2023, with new names, topsheets and subtle updates to the construction.
Fischer's E99 model has been the world's best selling nordic touring ski for over 40 years thanks to it's 66-54-61 mm sidecut and medium stiff nordic flex, a combination that ensured these skis gave the best all round performance in undulating terrain, whether you're looking to cover many kms or want to climb efficiently. 
For 2022 Fischer have renamed these skis the TransNordic 66, the 66 referring to the tip width in mm - no one has ever understood where the "99" came from !!
Fischer have wisely made only minor updates to these skis, the flex and sidecut stay unchanged, with only minor changes in the build plus of course a new topsheet.

The TransNordic 66 is available in two versions for 2023, the TransNordic 66 Easy Skin Extralite and the TransNordic 66 Crown Extralite
The TransNordic 66 Easy Skin Extralite has a smooth base plus the notch at the front of the kick zone for adding the 50 mm Fischer Easy Skins when you want to climb. This version with the smooth base offers the most efficient glide for the descent,
but does mean that you need to add and remove the Easy Skins when making longer climbs and descents. For long and steep climbs in icy conditions you can also use full length skins for additional grip.
The TransNordic 66 is light, weighing only 1.73 kg / pair 200cm thanks to the Air Tec construction and has full length metal edges to ensure reliable grip in all snow conditions.

The Fischer Easy Skins are 650 mm long, being designed to cover the central grip/kick zone. TransNordic Easy Skin Xtralite has a smooth base giving improved glide and speed for the descent. 
They are a convenient way to get grip on the flat and moderate slopes. The Easy Skins have a mixed mohair / nylon plush that gives good grip and durability and are quick to attach and remove.

The latest version of Fischer's best selling nordic touring ski, the Fischer TransNordic 66 Easy Skin Extralite will take you around your local park, across the Jotunheimen National Park or to the Poles.

Please note that skis are sold without bindings or skins, which should be bought separately.

Fischer Transnordic 66 Easy Skin Extralite Ski Features:

Speed Grinding 2.0
Reworked universal stone grinding for perfect gliding properties in all snow conditions.
Fischer Easy Skin
The easiest way to attach climbing skins: combination of adhesion and click-in-place for reliable grip and straightforward attachment and removal
Nordic Rocker Camber
Slightly opened ski tips for perfect gliding properties in unprepared terrain. Enables lighter turning with less effort.
Rental Tail Protector
Special components for extremely robust ski tails ensure they fulfil the durability requirements of ski rental.
Steel Edge
Narrow steel edge along the entire length of the ski. Guarantees constant edge contact on every surface.
Air Tec Steel Edge
Air channels combined with new, very light wood types. Weight-optimised core for steel edge skis.

Want to know more about ski shape and flex? See our BLOG Ski Geometry - Shape & Flex.


Model: Fischer Transnordic 66 Easy Skin Extralite Ski 2023

Lengths: 180-185-190-195-200-205-210cm
Sidecut: 66-54-61 mm
Weight: 1.730 kg / pair 200 cm
Base: Sintec smooth base for Waxing &/or Easy Skins
Easy Skin Attachment: Yes