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Menace Proto F-Team Ski 2020 - Dynastar

Having been a leader in freeride skiing for many seasons, Dynastar had lost their crown since the Cham series (exaggerated rocker spatula, pintail heel making the skis difficult to drive in bad snow, in short a questionable geometry...). And yet here, with the Menace Proto, we can say that Dynastar has gone back to the drawing board and has produced something interesting. We are absolutely delighted to see Dynastar again with thoughtful and relevant designs rather than an accumulation of technical features not necessarily made to go together.

What's unusual with the Menace Proto F-Team is Dynastar's decision to give the ski a good stiff tip, almost more than at the tail (while we see rather the opposite on the majority of skis). And this works!! The tip crushes the terrain, it is hyper intuitive but still requires the skier to ski with pressure on the tibia, in trad alpine style. The tail rocker lets the Menace Proto to slide, but these skis demand the skier's attention at low speed. Strongly built and with vertical sidewalls, the Menace Proto F-Team benefits from Dynastar's know-how in building reliably solid freeride skis.
With a good mix of old-fashioned freeride and backcountry, the Menace Proto F-Team still looks more like freeride than backcountry.
A powerful ski that swallows everything before it plus with a little modernity to slide, the Menace Proto F-Team is a very good ski.

Features: Dynastar Menace Proto F-Team Ski 2020

Wood Core
Tip & Tail Rocker
Full Sidewall Construction
Wood Core


Model: Dynastar Menace Factory Ski 2020

Lengths: 180-189 cm
Sidecut / Radius:
180 cm: 145-118-135 mm / 22 m
188 cm: 145-118-135 mm / 24 m
180 cm: 4.50 kg / pair
188 cm: 4.70 kg / pair