Dynafit Blacklight Pro Ski 2023

Dynafit Blacklight Pro Ski 2023
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Length: 158 cm
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Blacklight Pro Ski 2023 - Dynafit

Dynafit developed the Blacklight range of ultralight touring skis to embody the Dynafit brand values of speed, lightness, endurance and technology. 
The name Blacklight refers, obviously, to the colour of the skis but also to their construction. These skis are built with a 100% Uni-Directional (UD) Carbon top layer.
Uni-Directional carbon fibre fabric is a non-woven type of carbon reinforcement that features all fibres running in a single, parallel direction. 
Uni-Directional carbon has no gaps between fibres, nor is there a cross-section weave that divides the fibre strength in half with another direction.
This allows for the concentrated density of fibres that provide maximum longitudinal tensile potential—greater than any other carbon fibre technology.
This new technology allows Dynafit to produce skis that are superlight yet responsive, skis that push the barriers of what is possible in the mountains.

The Blacklight Pro has a special Paulownia Race Core optimized for weight with Dynafit's new ultralight UD Carbon construction.
The Backlight Pro is extremely light with greatly reduced swing weight in front of and behind the binding area, making these skis both stable and agile.
The sidecut and the amount of tip and tail rocker are optimised for each ski length, in doing so allowing Dynafit to keep the effective edge length equally proportional in each length. This provides consistent performance for all ski lengths.
The Blacklight Pro comes with a full ABS sidewall to guarantee the best possible power transfer to the ski while the base has a special racing grind to help ensure you are the fastest one down the mountain.

While it's difficult to further increase the gliding efficiency of mohair skins (no synthetic materials have been found that equal or surpass mohair) several brands have tried to increase skin efficiency by reducing the amount of skin material tip and tail, where grip is unimportant when climbing.
G3 and Atomic for example produce skins with a smooth plastic base for the tip area, and Black Diamond's new skins have a tapered tail to reduce weight and drag.
Dynafit have gone further with their new PIN-SKIN system, in which the skin is no longer attached to the tail or stretched. Rather, it is anchored with a small pin and a corresponding insert directly in the ski.
This system makes transitioning to ski mode faster, increases glide and reduces weight. The Dynafit Pin-Skins use the Pomoca Race Pro 2.0 skin plush for maximum glide. The Blacklight Pro can also be used with the normal Dynafit Speed Skin along its entire length.

The Blacklight Skis embody the Dynafit values of speed, lightness, endurance and technology. 
On a recent expedition to Nepal Dynafit manager and ski mountaineer Benedikt Böhm set a new speed record on Daulaghiri VII (7246 m) using the new Blacklight skis. 
The Blacklight are designed for the most adverse conditions and his extreme tour from base camp to summit and back again took 7 hours, 53 minutes. 
Benedikt attributes his success to his training and the Speed Touring characteristics of the Blacklight Ski.
After summiting in one push, Benedikt said “Even on the highest mountains, you can rely 110 percent on the performance of the Blacklight Ski, and you are fast and safe out on the mountain.”

Features: Dynafit Blacklight Pro Ski 2023

Tail Rocker
Gently increasing radius for good control at high speed even on steep, icy terrain.
3D Sidewall-Cap Construction
Pin Skin System
Race Carbon Technology
Race Finish
Tip Rocker

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Model: Dynafit Blacklight Pro 2022

Length: 165cm-172cm-178cm
Sidecut / Radius:
165cm: 115-79-99 mm / 17m
172cm: 116-80-100 mm / 18.5 m
178cm: 117-81-101 mm / 20 m
Tip Rocker / Tail Rocker:
165cm: 295mm/100mm
172cm: 305 mm/110mm
178cm: 315mm/120mm
165 cm: 1.82 kg / pair
172 cm: 1.92 kg / pair
178 cm: 2.04 kg / pair
Colour: black/silver/orange

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