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Alchemist Wailer 110 C2 - DPS Ski 2020

DPS are reknowned for producing beatiful skis and we could ignore the new Alchemist Wailer 110 C2!! This ski is quite different from the Wailer A112 RP and A100 RP and is aimed at more technical skiers. With a 22 m turning radius, longer ski-snow contact thanks to the shorter and less pronounced tip & tail rockers plus a stiffer flex, the Alchemist Wailer 110 C2 is solid underfoot, perfect for skiing hard in changeable conditions and chopped up snow.

With the Alchemist Wailer 110 C2 DPS have produced a ski that does not take an edge and automatically carve a turn, as do some short radius freeride skis, but a ski where the skier decides in real time the trajectory he wants the ski to take.
The Alchemist Wailer 110 C2 is therefore more directional than the Wailer A112 RP.  It's more technical carbon construction gives superb torsional stiffness which requires the skier to work in unison with the ski and the terrain.
In powder, the Alchemist Wailer 110 C2 is really surprising, supplying the driving power of a DPS which is a lot of fun and you feel that even as you ski hard it's still quite easy (although it obviously does not have the Wailer 112's famous ability at low speeds).
The Alchemist Wailer 110 C2 is a beautiful freeride ski that works superbly in all snow conditions, designed for intermediate and expert skiers who will enjoy the this skis capabilities, especially in long turns.

Model: DPS Wailer A110 C2 Ski 2020

Length: 179-184-189 cm
179 cm: 135-110-119 mm / 22m
185 cm:136-110-120 mm / 22m
189cm: 137-110-121 mm / 22m
Weight: 3.76 kg / pair 179 cm