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Zero G 95 - Blizzard Ski 2020

Please note that we are not able to deliver Blizzard skis to the USA or Canada. Please contact us if you would your skis delivered to an alternative address.

A model that's been a big success for several winters, the Blizzard Zero G 95 has been given an upgrade for 2020, making a good ski even better.
The Zero G95 is a reference with the best torsion rigidity / weight ratio of all touring skis on the market. A high-performance ski that delights technical skiers reassured by a solid flex that responds in all conditions. The previous model had a slightly "dry" touch with a tip that was a little too stiff compared to the waist and tail. Blizzard wanted to keep the Zero G's high-performance character and it's rather alpine DNA, while giving it a more use-friendly flex. This was a difficult call since many skiers (and that includes us at Telemark Pyrenees) were concerned that the new Zero G 95 would be too soft and have lost it's character. Luckily, Blizzard have made just the changes required and no more, and the balance of flex/perfomance of the Zero G 95 is perfect. The tip and tail are certainly softened, but the waist is reinforced with a titanium plate plus 2 bi-directional carbon plates. In terms of geometry, rocker length has been reduced but the height of the tip rocker increased. The tail has been redesigned and helps turn completion, easier than the old model.
Blizzard have also been able to lighten the latest Zero G 95, which continues to lead the pack in weight reduction without losing too much in alpine performance. For many skiers the old Zero G 95 was not always the easiest ski to master and the improved accessibility and comfort of this new version is very welcome, especially considering that the level of performance, grip and transmission of energy remains very high, enough to satisfy skiers who appreciate touring skis with an alpine character. Blizzard have improved comfort / accessibility without detriment to performance.
The 2020 Blizzard Zero G 95 is a very nice evolution of one of the best performance touring skis.

Features: Blizzard Zero G 95 Ski 2020

Carbon Drive 2.0
The integration of a 3D uni-directional carbon fiber frame with an ultra-lightweight paulowniawoodcore construction allows us to reduce the weight on the ski while providing structure for performance. The Carbon frame's 3D geometry guarantees optimal flex and torsional rigidity. The result is a level of stability, edge grip and control unprecedented in the world of ski mountaineering.
Lite Core
Wood cores that is naturally strong but lightweight are strategically constructed for maximum performance while reducing weight.
Full sidewalls provide torsional rigidity and constant pressure along the full length of the ski. The result is better energy transmission, stability, control and ultimately greater performance.


Model: Blizzard Zero G 95 Ski 2020

Length: 164-171-178-185 cm
Sidecut / Radius:
164 cm: 109-95-125 mm / 19.5 m
171 cm: 109-95-125 mm / 22 m
178 cm: 111-95-127 mm / 23 m
185 cm: 111-95-127 mm / 24 m