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Black Crows Nocta Ski 2020

Black Crows Nocta Ski 2020
778,99 €
Black Crows

Nocta Ski 2020 - Black Crows

Black Crows are above all about Big Mountain skis. Skis that are long, wide freedom machines designed for big mountains and deep forests. Skis for off piste resort skiing and for making the most of backcountry powder. Black Crows big mountain skis are built with either a single-rocker profile, like the Corvus, which have a more traditional alpine feel, and double rocker models such as the Nocta, Anima and Atris, which suit a more playful, modern style of skiing.

Unchanged for 2020 apart from the design of the topsheet, the Nocta is the widest Black Crows ski. Built to supply great flotation, the Nocta is the ultimate toy for big conditions. The association of great float, full reverse camber and straight edges allow the Nocta to accumulate big flotation in powder, good stability on the edges and a great handling.  We often hear that the Nocta is an exclusive ski that's only suitable for really big conditions. It is true that this is where the Nocta excels, with exceptional flotation and pivot. The inverted camber coupled with low weight make it superb for skiing trees and in tight and steep terrain. In heavier powder (the kind we know well in the Pyrenees!) the Nocta requires a little more balance to avoid  that "tippy" feeling common with extreme reverse camber skis.  
If you are looking for more conventional powerful freeride performance for long turns in all types of snow, take a look at the Anima. 

In more typical  "all mountain" conditions the Nocta performs surprisingly well, stable thanks to the long radius so you can ski fast and confidently even in cut up snow. Snow contact and feedback are good and we liked the easy pivot even on steep slopes, even if the Nocta lacks heel support, it is stiff enough and lets you turn on the spot. On piste it requires a bit of technique but taking into account the width of the Nocta you can really carve and it works surprisingly well.
The Nocta is a ski unique. There is nothing else like it and we loved it in light powder and on steep / tight terrain, but also when it was out of its element but was still a pleasure to ski.

Features: Black Crows Nocta Ski 2020

Big width
122mm waist.
Reverse Camber
Easy pivot and easy to carve. 
Extended sidecut
Big turning radius, giving stability at high speed. 
Moderate flex along the whole ski for tolerance and high performance.


Model: Black Crows Nocta Ski 2020

Length: 177-185-190 cm
177 cm: 139-122-132 mm / 26 m
185 cm: 140-122-132 mm / 26 m
190 cm: 140-122-134 mm / 26 m
Weight: 4.00 kg / pair 185 cm