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The Black Crows All Terrain range is designed to tackle the whole mountain with style and ease. These skis are a little narrower than the Big Mountain models and are excellent all-mountain skis, skis that work well on and off piste and in all snow conditions, from fresh powder to chopped snow, windpack, and crud. This versatility is at the core of Black Crow's design philosophy to create skis that will perform in a wide variety of snow conditions. Black Crows All Terrain skis are built with either a traditional cambered profile, such as the Navis, or with a reverse camber, such as the Daemon. The camber profile changes completely the characteristics of the ski. Reverse cambered skis require a different more modern skiing technique than traditionally cambered skis.

The Daemon comes with full reverse camber combined with a short tip and tail. The long running edge gives great stability and grip on hardpack while the shortened tip and tail makes the Daemon particularly effective in variable snow and chopped up crud. Thanks to the reverse camber the Daemon pivots easily and efficiently, ready to jump into action with immediate effect.
Black Crows have given the Daemon a metal plate for the central 2/3s of the ski which gives a solid tonic flex underfoot. Combined with the reverse camber this allows the Daemon to combine speed, bounce and easy handling.

Julien Regnier says:
" It’s a bit like having a wild stallion under your feet: the skis pivot ever so easily, they just love to play with the ground. And when you want to dig the edge in, the Daemon’s right there, giving you instant bite into the snow whatever the terrain!"


Titanal plate on two thirds of the ski: Bounce, tonicity, lightness and agility.
Very solid flex under the foot and progressive on tips and heels: Efficient on the edges and good distortion of the extremities in soft snow. 
Intermediate 99 mm at the waist. 
Full reverse camber: Ease in pivoting and cutting curves.
Edge Profile 
Short tip and tail so that edge contact runs full length of the ski for excellent stability.


Model: Black Crows Daemon
Lengths:170-177-183-188 cm
170 cm: 129-99-117 mm / 20 m
177 cm: 131-99-119 mm / 20 m
183 cm: 132-99-120 mm / 20 m
188 cm: 133-99-122 mm / 20 m
Weight: 3.70 kg / pair 183 cm