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Black Crows Captis Ski 2020

Black Crows Captis Ski 2020
499,00 €
Black Crows

Captis Ski 2020 - Black Crows

The Captis from Black Crows continues with new colours for 2020 but is otherwise unchanged. The Captis is Black Crow's narrowest all-terrain ski and a good choice for all-round resort use. With slightly more rocker than the fast-charging Orb, the Captis has very quick edge-to-edge transitions, is tolerant yet performs when you turn up the speed. A good choice for skiers wanting a nimble go-anywhere ski with enough width for the offpiste, the Captis is great fun, an accessible ski for all skier abilities and snow conditions.

Feature: Black Crows Captis Ski 2020

Medium Width: Versatile go-everywhere 90mm underfoot.
Double Rocker: 18% tip rocker and 13% tail rocker for good manoeuvrability, control and pivot.
Medium Classic Camber: Classic camber underfoot for 69% of ski length for moderate ski/snow contact, creating a good balance between stability and manoeuvrability.
Tight sidecut and 18 m Turning Radius: Great for turning. easy and quick to carve. This ski turns quite tightly.
Tolerant Flex: Comfortable and accessible.
Core: Poplar
Laminates: Triaxial and biaxial fibreglass.
Sidewalls: ABS with semi-cap construction.
Fat Edges
Black Base


Model: Black Crows Captis Ski 2020

Lengths: 171-178-184 cm
Model: Black Crows Captis 2020
171 cm: 118-90-109 mm / 18 m
178 cm: 120-90-111 mm / 18 m
184 cm: 122-90-112 mm / 18 m
Weight: 3.50 kg / pair 178 cm