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New for 2019, the Black Crows Captis is their narrowest all-terrain skis and a great choice for all-round resort use. With slightly more rocker than the fast-charging Orb, the Captis has very quick edge-to-edge transitions, is tolerant yet performs when you turn up the speed. A good choice for skiers wanting a nimble go-anywhere ski with enough width for the offpiste, the Captis is great fun, an accessible ski for all skier abilities and snow conditions.

Luca Tribondeau says:
"The captis is aggressive and powerful, so you can really charge it on piste. its decent width means you can go out and have huge amounts of fun off piste too. this ski can handle anything your crazy mind can dream up"


Medium Width: 
Versatile go-everywhere 90mm underfoot.
Double Rocker: 
18% tip rocker and 13% tail rocker for good manoeuvrability, control and pivot.
Medium Classic Camber: 
Classic camber underfoot for 69% of ski length for moderate ski/snow contact, creating a good balance between stability and manoeuvrability.
Tight sidecut and 18 m Turning Radius: Great for turning. easy and quick to carve. This ski turns quite tightly.
Tolerant Flex: 
Comfortable and accessible.
Triaxial and biaxial fibreglass.
ABS with semi-cap construction.
Fat Edges
Black Base

Lengths: 171-178-184 cm
171 cm: 118-90-109 mm / 18 m
178 cm: 120-90-111 mm / 18 m
184 cm: 122-90-112 mm / 18 m
Weight: 3.50 kg / pair 178 cm