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Anima Ski 2020 - Black Crows

Please contact us if ordering Black Crows skis for delivery to the USA or Canada. The MSRP for the Black Crows Anima is 889.95 USD.
Please contact us if you would like your skis delivered to an alternative address.

Black Crows have given the Anima a new topsheet for 2020 but the ski stays otherwise unchanged. A big mountain ski that combines power and manoeuvrability, the Anima ski is extremely stable at high speed thanks to the 21m long radius. Powerful yet playful, a great choice for skiers who like big lines, jumps and fast pivots to change direction. A true twin-tip with 22% tip rocker, 18% tail rocker and a short 60% central cambered section, the Anima is highly reactive, nimble for such a fat ski and great fun. Black Crows know when not to change a winning design. If you're looking for a powder ski for creative powder skiing, take a look at the Anima.

Kristofer Turdell says:

"The anima is the ski i used in every contest and for most of my days on skis over the past two years. the turning radius is long enough to make it stable at high speed and its slightly softer tail makes it manoeuvrable in tight places. it's the perfect mix between ski width, taper, turning radius and rocker. Kristofer Turdell."

Features: Black Crows Anima Ski 2020

Big Width
115mm underfoot for all lengths
Double Rocker
22% tip and 18% tail rocker for immediate pivots.
Short Classic Camber
Classic camber underfoot with a short ski/snow contact, giving better manoeuvrability.
Extended Sidecut
Long turning radius, giving stability at high speed.
Consistent and Progressive Tip Rise
Good float and smooth turn initiation in the deepest powder.
Smooth progressive flex in the tip and tail, but stiffer underfoot where the ski touches the snow: good flex distribution in soft snow and efficient grip on hardpack.
Triaxial and biaxial fibreglass plus carbon-kevlar strips
ABS semi-cap step down.
Fat Edges. Printed Base.

Model: Black Crows Anima Ski

Lengths: 176-182-188-194 cm
176 cm: 140-115-125 mm / 21 m
182 cm: 142-115-126 mm / 21 m
188 cm: 143-115-128 mm / 21 m
194 cm: 143-115-129 mm / 21 m
Weight: 4.30 kg/pair 182 cm