Armada Declivity 102Ti Ski 2023

The Armada Declivity 102 Ti is an excellent latest generation all-mountain ski. Armada have really managed to combine the shape, flex and rocker to create a ski that's so intuitive, a ski that carves well on hardpack like a narrower ski and yet feels wider than it's 102 mm waist in fresh snow.
Built with a lightweight yet snappy Caruba wood core sandwiched between two titanal sheets, the Declivity 102 Ti has moderate tip rocker and taper that start from the same point, combined with traditional camber and an almost flat tail.
The top titanal layer features Armada's Articulated Titanal Banding with channels cut into the upper titanal sheet at the tip to increase tip flexibility. The titanal sheet is bonded to a rubber elastomer.
At start of the turn the tip is quite supple, giving easy turn initiation. As the ski moves into the turn the elastomer is compressed, absorbing shocks and allowing the ski to grip and hold the center of the turn, however hard you push.
Coming out of the turn the elastomer expands, again increasing edge pressure and giving high energy turn exits, also helped by the traditional camber underfoot and the almost flat tail.
We found the Declivity 102 Ti a joy to ski, carving well on piste for a 102 mm ski, cruising through variable and chopped up snow with aplomb and floating well in soft snow conditions.
While a little on the heavy side for long distance touring, the Declivity 102 Ti is a lot of fun for sidecountry and lift-assisted touring.
The combination of the medium long and high tip taper and rocker, combined with the snappy flex and smooth shock-absorbing build gives the Declivility 102 Ti the performance and versatility to let you concentrate on the skiing, wherever you are on the mountain.
If you're looking for a modern all-mountain most-conditions ski, the Declivity 102 Ti is highly recommnded.

Armada Declivity 102Ti Ski Features:

Caruba wood, light with a snappy flex.
Two titanal sheets above and below the core. The upper sheet features Armada's  Articulated Titanal Banding with rubber elastomers that compress entering the turn, absorb energy and expand when exiting the turn, increasing edge pressure and grip through the turn.
AR100 sidewalls give excellend power transfer to the edges for optimum grip even in hard snow conditions.
EST Freeride Rocker with medium rocker and taper for high speed soft snow stability combined with rocker underfoot and an almost flat tail for hard snow performance.
Heat treated 2.1 mm All Mountain edges for durability.
Base: Comp Series
Competition series UHMW polyethylene with carbon for durability and wax absorption.

Model: Armada Declivity 102 Ti 2023

Lengths: 172-180-188 cm
172 cm: 134-102-124 mm / 17.5 m
180 cm: 135-102-125 mm / 18 m
188 cm: 136-102-126 mm / 18.5 m
Weight / pair:
172 cm: 3.70 kg
180 cm: 3.90 kg
188 cm: 4.10 kg

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