Scarpa TX Pro

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Scarpa TX Pro 2022 - Telemark Boot

The TX Pro is Scarpa's 4 buckle NTN boot with tech inserts at the front, so can be used with the Rottefella and 22 Designs NTN bindings as well as 2-pin NTN bindings such as the M Equipment Meidjo and TTS and Moonlight bindings. Scarpa stopped producing the three buckle Terminator X some years ago so that there are now only two NTN boots, the TX Pro and the TX Comp. The only difference between the two is that the Comp has a slightly stiffer bellows flex, similar to that of the 75 mm Scarpa T1, and does not have inserts.

The TX Pro is our best selling NTN boot. The TX Pro has a medium last, great lateral rigidity, 4 buckles plus power strap and comfortable Intuition® Speed Pro G Tele liner. Four buckles let you finely adjust fitting and the 2nd buckle, Scarpa's signature wire "Q-Link", clamps down just where the top of the foot meets the lower leg and keeps the foot firmly anchored in the boot. The high cuff and 4 buckles give great control for resort skiing. You can also tour with these, and if using a 2-pin NTN bindings such as the Meidjo you won't notice the relative lack of cuff rotation compared to the latest AT boots such the Maestrale, Alien or F1. We are still waiting for a new generation of telemark boots to compare with these!! The TX Pro's liners are very comfortable, important when going on a long tour.

The TX Pros were the first boot developed for the Rottefella NTN bindings. The boots and bindings were developed in parallel and it was found that a softer bellows flex worked better with the NTN bindings compared to the flex of the bellows used for the 75 mm range of boots (T Race, T1, T2). We'd prefer a slightly stiffer flex to allow finer power transmission between the boot and bindings.
Unsure as to whether the NTN system would succeed, Scarpa added tech inserts to the toe and heel so that these boots could also be used with AT insert bindings. At the time Scarpa were producing the F1 and F3 AT boots with flexible bellows (the idea at the time was that flexible bellows allowed a longer stride when climbing) and the F1, F3 and TX Pro shared many features. Before long DIYers were making all sorts of "Frankenstein" bindings with the Rottefella NTNs combined with Dynafit heel units, so the heel could be locked down, and tech toe units being combined with Voile Hardwire cables for effiicient touring - the basis of the TTS and Moonlight design. The only binding that uses both the tech toe inserts and the NTN "second heel" is the M Equipment Meidjo. By adding inserts to the TX Pros, Scarpa unintentionally pushed telemark binding technology in a new direction by enabling the development of these 2-pin NTN bindings.

Scarpa developed a new AT boot with an automatic cuff locking mechanism for the 14/15 winter season, the F1 Tronic. Unfortunately the initial design was not 100% reliable and resulted in expensive US court costs for Scarpa. While no one had ever had any problems using the TX Pros with tech heel units, Scarpa decided it was prudent to remove the tech heel inserts to prevent a boot sold for telemarking from being used with AT bindings, the TX Pros only have inserts at the toes. No heel inserts, and the shell moulding has been modified so you cannot just pull out the plastic blank and screw the inserts in (as we were hoping). This is a little ironic coming at the same time that The M Equipment have produced the Alpine Heel Unit. While most telemarkers do not want to clamp the heel down, quite a few do. If you'd like Scarpa to put the heel inserts back into these boots please write and tell them.
To summarise the Scarpa TX Pro is the go-to 2-pin NTN boot and works well for resort and touring. We recommend this boot for all skiers except racers, who will prefer the stiffer Crispi models.

Features: Scarpa TX Pro

Dual-Injected Edge Guard : Protects bellows
No "Duck Bill" : Easier walking/step kicking.
Power Block Ski/Walk mechanism : Unmatched responsiveness while still allowing a walk mode
Q-Link Mid-Strap : Holds the foot in the boot,now with a thicker cable for maximum durability
Triple Injection Shell/Dual-Injection Cuff : provides dialed performance.

Model: Scarpa TX Pro

Shell-Cuff-Tongue: Pebax®
Liner: Intuition® Speed Pro G
Last: 102mm
Walk/Ski Mode: Power Block Tour
Buckles: 4 + Booster® Active Power Strap
Forward Lean: 10°-15°
Range of Motion: 22° Sole:
Vibram® EVO
Binding System: NTN Telemark
Sizes: 24.5 - 30 including half sizes.
Weight: 3.50 kg pair 27 MP

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