Scarpa Ribelle Lite HD 2021

Scarpa Ribelle Lite HD 2021
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Scarpa Ribelle Lite HD

Scarpa’s Ribelle HD boots combine running shoe and mountain boot features and are supremely practical, giving precise grip and support to allow you to move fast and safely in the mountains. For 2022 Scarpa have changed just the colour of the “Scarpa” logo (!), so this is a great opportunity to boot up with some excellent boots at a bargain price.

The Ribelle Lite is a ground breaking mountain boot, designed for fast moving mountain walking and Via Ferrata. Compatible with C2 crampons with a flex bar.

The Ribelle family are a new generation of boots designed to allow people to move faster than conventional mountain boots. Core to this is the new ARG last shape, which has low volume technical precision, but with a noticeable toe spring, giving a much more natural and fluid gait. This is married to the new Pentax Precision Roll sole which has a technical Vibram outsole with bi-density PU cushioning, giving a much more natural feel and walking motion.

The upper of the Ribelle Lite is a lightweight microtech fabric with a direct lamination H-Dry membrane: fully waterproof and highly breathable, without absorbing water. The sock fit tongue works with the lightweight lacing system to give a snug, instant fit. The upper (and the midsole) are wrapped in a new PU Tech layer that offers excellent abrasion resistance without adding anywhere near the weight of a conventional rubber rand.

Scarpa Ribelle Lite HD Features:


Vibram concentrates its industrial design activities, managerial and stategic functions, new technology and new product development in Albizzate in the province of Varese, Italy, to ensure that its costumers can benefit from reliable and constant quality wherever they are. Vibram has commercial and production facilities in the United States, Brazil, Japan and China. The Quabaug Corporation, a soling partner/licensee of Vibram, specializes in the North American work, military, hunting, and fishing markets.


Cocona is committed to the pursuit of industry leadership. The trailblazing science behind Cocona's innovations is reinventing how fabric technologies function. The patented processes are an absolute breakthrough for the apparel industry and ensure differentiation for Ccocna's brand partners. Cocona are defining the standards and developing the testing that will guide and inform the industry as it moves forward.


Thanks to the HDry quality standard, the shoes built with this system possess the highest level of waterproofness, breathability and insulation. The waterproof and breathable membrane is firmly laminated to the upper inner side and there are no seams and no gaps where water can penetrate: rain and cold are blocked on the shoe’s outer surface and a large volume of dry air keeps your feet warm and comfortable. The ultra-thin waterproof membrane and the unique lamination method provides a precise fit and keep your shoes dry and light all day.


Undoubtedly the evolution performance and agility concept. A construction system that offers a fit as snug as a sock, the feeling of being at one with your footwear.  The part comprising the tongue, flex-point and collar is made from a single piece of S-TECH SCHOELLER elastic technical fabric.

Heel Tension System

An innovative system applied to the heel area of the upper part of the boot.  It offers great stability and adaptability to the severe stress derived from steep routes.

The particular design and the TPU material help the upper responsively, avoiding torsional twists and makes walking easier even on difficult and rough terrains

Flex Point

The Flex Point System allows  your ankles complete freedom of movement, even in the stiffest of boots, whilst maintaining support and confidence on all terrains.

Autofit Collar

The AUTOFIT COLLAR, thanks to the ergonomic design of the collar and to the special padding, ensures the maximum adaptability and comfort of the upper, reducing the impact stress that rests on the Achilles and malleous area.  Great performance and comfort on any terrain.

Speed Lacing

The "SPEED LACING SYSTEM", integrated with the ergonomic design of the upper, allows the optimal adjustment of the internal volumes of the shoe and the perfect wrapping of the foot, in a simple and quick way, making the fit more precise and customised, offering to the user offering maximum confidence on any terrain.

Resoling Possible

Scarpa shoes and boots are built to the highest standard and should serve you for many years of use. However, just like tyres on a car, the rubber parts of a boot, shoe or rock shoe can wear down with use, and that’s why we offer a full re-sole service.

Model: Scarpa Ribelle Lite HD

European Size: 40+ - 46 (Including half sizes)
Lining: H-Dry Lamination + 37.5 by Cocona
Mid Sole: Activ Plus (polypropylene + fibre glass 4 mm)
Sole: Pentax Precision III
Upper: Tech Fabric + Microtech
Weigth: 1300g per pair 42

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