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Telemark! It's special and by far the most interesting ski technique. Why? Because no other technique gives the same sensations when skiing. Here we'll explain why the telemark turn is so satisfying and hopefully convince you to try, if you're not already a fanatic.
In the old days of narrow skis, 3-pin bindings and wobbly boots telemarking was pretty difficult and also very imprecise. This gave it a certain charm and it was fun, but performance was limited, to say the least. The latest boots and bindings offer excellent control and allow much more power to be applied to the ski, and with much more finesse. It's this variety that makes freeheel skiing such fun. Depending upon how you feel one can parallel ski, telemark with a high or low stance, every turn is a new experience. There's so much variety possible that even green and blue pistes are fun.
We've plenty of info about the gear, please see these pages for more details at Shop Ski telemark:
Telemark Skis
Telemark Bindings
Telemark Boots

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