Telemark skiing is the most technical, the most satisfying, the most interesting and the most physically demanding style of downhill skiing. A more accurate name would be FreeHeel skiing, which describes better the sport and the variety of techniques. The telemark turn itself is certainly the most interesting, it’s technical, physically demanding and super satisfying to make. The vast choice of styles (high or low stance, skis edged or flat, weight distribution, neutral or active bindings, just to name a few criteria…) make the telemark turn so much fun.
As well the classic telemark turn with knees bent, when there’s ice, if you’re tired or just fancy a change, you can swap to make parallel, jump or step turns, not forgetting that those heels can lift up at any moment!! Going touring? Modern tele tech bindings are lightweight and give friction-free climbing plus excellent backcountry skiing performance. 
Like many of the best things in life, the more you put into telemark skiing, the more it pays back, there’s always more to learn and improve. Unlock those heels and enrich your life!!

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