Petzl Laser Speed Light

Petzl Laser Speed Light
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Petzl Laser Speed Light

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The ultra-lightweight Laser Speed Light is an ideal ice screw for mountaineering. The aluminum tube, associated with a steel drill, reduces the weight considerably. The integrated folding crank gives an optimized lever, making it easier and faster to screw in. Color-coding helps identify the length of a screw.

Petzl Laser Speed Light Features:

Minimal weight: ultra-lightweight aluminum tube, ideal for mountaineering, when reduced equipment weight is a priority
Improves bite:
Optimal shape of the tri-toothed drill improves the bite into ice
Easier sharpening with the drill’s patented sharpening reserve
Quick and easy screwing:
Compact hanger to facilitate screwing into sculpted ice
Integrated flexible crank provides excellent grip and an optimized lever, making it easier and faster to screw in
Color-coding facilitates identifying the length of a screw

Model: Petzl Laser Speed Light

Length: 13 - 17 - 21 cm
Colour: Yellow - Green - Blue
13 cm: 91 g
17 cm: 100 g
21 cm: 110 g

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