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Black Crows Anima Ski

Black Crows Anima Ski


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1 x Black Crows Anima Ski
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1 x Black Crows Anima Ski Bindings
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Black Crows

the big newcomer in Black Crows ‘2016 big mountain range, the anima is a 115mm double rockered ski with an alpine heart and the quick witted spirit of a predator. made of poplar wood with fibreglass reinforcing underfoot, the anima is for the skier who wants a meaty big mountain ski with drive but enjoys the playful feel of a double rockered ski.


Double Rocker: the anima's raised tip gives good drive and makes the ski easy to handle whatever the speed. on hard snow, its progressive rocker helps to carve deep turns with a bigger contact surface and more stability once on its edge. open it up to really unleash the fury.
Hexagonal shaped tip: The anima’s articulated tip is the first black crows ski to break from the traditional rounded tip.
The nitty-gritty:
Big width = 115 mm width.
Double rocker = immediate pivot.
Short classic camber = classic camber underfoot with a short ski/snow contact = better manoeuvrability.
Extended sidecut = big turning radius = stability at high speed.
Consistent and progressive tip rise = good float.
Very progressive flex in the tip and tail, but stiffer where the ski touches the snow = good distortion in soft snow and efficient on hardpack.

Lengths: 182, 188, 194 cm
182 cm: 142-115-126 mm/ 21 m
188 cm: 143-115-128 mm/ 21 m
Construction: semi-cap construction, poplar woodcore carbon kevlar stripes
Profile: classic camber & double rocker
Weight: 4.300 kg / pair 182 cm