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Atomic Backland 78 W Ski + AT Binding Packs

Atomic Backland 78 W Ski + AT Binding Packs


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1 x Atomic Backland 78 W Ski 2020
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1 x Atomic Backland 78 W Ski 2020 Bindings
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Backland 78 W Ski 2020 - Atomic

Please note that we are not able to deliver Atomic products to the USA or Canada. Please contact us if you would your skis delivered to an alternative address.

The Atomic Backland W 78 is the lightest and narrowest women's specific touring ski from Atomic. With a 111-78-100.5 mm shape and weighing only 2.06 kg / pair (158 cm) the Backland 78 is a good choice for intermediate and experienced skiers looking for a ski that will let them travel efficiently in the backcountry. The Backland 78's low weight makes these great skis for climbing easily without burning off too much porridge, so you'll have plenty of power left for the descent. Here you'll find the Backland 78s perform thanks to the smaller waist, giving great grip on hard snow, while the All Mountain Rocker lets them turn easily. The Step Down Sidewall construction absorbs shocks, giving a damper ride and ensuring solid edge grip on all terrain.
For beginners Atomic normally recommend a slightly wider ski, but for intermediate and experienced skiers looking for a lightweight backountry ski, the Backland 78 fits the bill.

Features : Atomic Backland 78 W Ski 2020

Cap Sidewall
A construction with no sidewall where the topsheet folds dow over the edges, making it easy to handle in poor snow conditions.
Carbon Backbone
A dynamic carbon insert for Atomic's lighwteight backcountry skis, Backland FR and Backland.
Ultra Light Woodcore
The poplar and caruba woodcore for skis that are all about low weight -  touring skis.
All Mountain Rocker
The All Mountain Rocker 15/85/0 profile has a moderate "15" tip for easy turn initiation and superior float in soft snow while the "85" camber supplies reliable grip on hard pack. Like most serious touring skis, the Backland 78 W has a flat tail.

Model: Atomic Backland 78 W Ski 2020

Lengths: 151-157-163 cm
151 cm: 110-78-99.5 mm / 14 m
157 cm: 111-78-100.5 mm / 15 m
163 cm: 112-78-101.5 mm / 16 m
151 cm: 2.02 kg/pair
157 cm: 2.18 kg/pair
163 cm: 2.22 kg/pair