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4FRNT Renegade Ski

4FRNT Renegade Ski


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1 x 4FRNT Renegade Ski
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1 x 4FRNT Renegade Ski Bindings
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For the fastest deep powder ski on the market look no further.  The Renegade was the first shape that 4FRNT introduced with the ReflectTech™ design; mirroring the 35m sidecut radius with a 35m reverse camber radius. This intuitive design approach allows for this 122mm ski to perform exceptionally well on and off edge, in wind slab as well deep snow conditions.  This effortless turn initiation makes for very poppy and playful smear turns.  By incorporating the carbon fiber reinforced Neo Core, 4FRNT shaved nearly 400 grams off the previous version to make the Renegade even more functional for ski touring than ever before.

Length: 186 cm
Sidecut: 135-122-129 mm
Radius: 35 m
Edge: 126 cm
Weight: 4.20 kg / pair