One Way BC Offtrack Ski Poles

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One Way BC Offtrack

A dependable pole is critical in extremely difficult skiing conditions. The BC Offtrack is secure in your hand and performs well off the track, especially in deep snow.

Features: One Way BC Offtrack

Aluminium 7075 Shaft
Extremely high-quality aluminium shaft made of durable 7075 aluminium.
BC Basket
Flexible back country basket for good control in steep terrain and maximum snow resistance in deep snow.
Fusion Strap
High comfort strap with length adjustment via wedge in grip.
Matte Finish
Extremely matte upper surface for a high-quality look.
Special Grip for Backcountry use with extended Grip area and multiple Grip options.
Round Sintered Tip
Round Back Country carbide tip.


Model: One Way BC Offtrack

Lengths: 120
Shaft Material: Alu 6013
Weight per meter: 115 g

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