Odlo Warm 3/4 Baselayer Women - Black

Odlo Warm 3/4 Baselayer Women - Black
29,17 €

During long, tiring winter days in the mountains, staying warm and dry is vital, if possible remaining fresh. That's why this women's first layer pant has Odlo Effect anti-bacterial treatment based on silver that prevents the formation of bad odours. Made from a soft, technical polyester, this quick-drying thermal leggings have a very comfortable brushed inner surface to the skin that, in addition, improves the thermal insulation and the evacuation of moisture. In addition, the flat seams and an extended back guarantee comfort and absence of irritation, while protecting from biting cold. Designed for intense low temperature activities, Odlo's warm corsair provides moisture regulation that is expected from a first Odlo first layer, while being warm where needed. 

Size: XS - S - M
Colour: Black