Nemo Tensor Alpine Insulated - Mummy

Nemo Tensor Alpine Insulated - Mummy
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Nemo Tensor Alpine Insulated - Mummy

This pinnacle mountaineering pad offers lightweight, compact, extreme warmth without sacrificing comfort. Three layers of suspended metalized film and a unique construction efficiently retains your own body heat. Tensor Alpine brings warmth and comfort to cold weather camping. Whether at base camp or high on the mountain before a summit push, the combination of compact size, light weight, and warmth cannot be beat. A zero-profile, multi-functional, micro-adjustable valve offers convenient inflation and fast deflation. The included Vortex pump sack provides fast and easy inflation without introducing moisture into your pad. Patent-pending Spaceframe baffles are low-stretch trusses that provide greater stability and point deflection resistance than competitors. Tensor Alpine's unique construction sleeps quieter than other pads.

Nemo Tensor Alpine Insulated - Mummy Sleeping Mat Features:

3 inches of stable, cushioned loft.
Undulating lateral baffles are the most comfortable and unobtrusive topography for sleeping pads.
Spaceframe baffles provide more stability and a quieter sleep than competitors.
Premium 20D fabrics shave grams for a minimal pack size and weight.
Three layers of suspended Thermal Mirror metalized film provides quiet insulation with an unprecedented weight-to-warmth ratio.
New, included Vortex pump sack provides easy and fast inflation, saves breath at elevation, and minimizes moisture entering the pad.
New zero-profile, multi-functional, micro-adjustable valve is flush to the pad and offers customized control over your inflation.
Packaging is made from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

Model: Nemo Tensor Alpine Insulated - Mummy 

Minimum Weight: 475 g
Packed Size: 20 x 8 cm
Climate: Extreme Winter
R-Value: 4.8
Thickness: 8 cm
Dimensions: 183 x 51 x 8 cm
Shape: Mummy

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