MSR Pocket Rocket Stove Kit

MSR Pocket Rocket Stove Kit
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MSR Pocket Rocket Stove Kit

Pocket Rocket Stove Kit

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With the original and legendary PocketRocket® stove at its foundation, the PocketRocket Stove Kit has everything you need to cook-and-eat for two in the backcountry. At its core, the simple, rugged stove delivers fast boil times at camp for quick meals after a long day. Two color-matching dish sets include our ultralight Insulated Mugs, DeepDish Bowls and folding sporks. Everything nests inside the 2 liter aluminum pot to create an impressively lightweight and space-efficient kit for backpacking duos.

Pocket Rocket Stove Kit Features:

Fast-Boiling: Original PocketRocket stove boils 1 liter of water in 3.5 minutes; its WindClip™ windshield maintains its high efficiency in breezy conditions.
Lightweight: Complete kit weighs just 732 g, keeping pack weight low.
Compact: Whole system nests inside the 2 liter pot, offering space-saving efficiency and packing convenience.
Includes: PocketRocket stove, 2.0 L hard-anodized aluminum pot, (2) DeepDish™ Bowls*, (2). Double-Wall Insulated Mugs*, clear strainer lid*, (2) folding sporks*.

Model: MSR Pocket Rocket Stove Kit

Packed Size: 14 x 15.9 cm
Weight: 0.73 kg

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