Millet Bivy Bag

Millet Bivy Bag
91,58 €
Colour: Asphalt

Millet Bivy Bag

Waterproof, breathable bivy bag. Exclusive Millet material, with proven protective efficiency. This bag’s exclusive-to-MILLET material, of proven+AJ163 protective efficiency, is the same as that used on our mountaineering jackets. Developed with waterproof and breathable Dryedge fabric, this durably-built over bag has a mummy shape and a footbox vent.

Millet Bivy Bag Features:

The Dryedge membrane ensure waterproof and breathable performance. It is perfect for high intensity activities, as it enhances protection and comfort. All DRYEDGE™ products' seams are heat-sealed.
Low Impact is a unique standard based on two essential eco-design criteria : eco-friendly material (at least 40% of the product weight must use eco-friendly material), and certifications (at least 80% of the product weight must be Bluedesign approved).
Mummy shape, overbag size
Built with waterproof, breathable, durable material
Hood with visor
Long access zip. velcro closure
Flapped foot vent

Model: Millet Bivy Bag

Colour: Asphalt
Main Fabrics: Polyamide 70 Denier 210T Dryedge 2L////100% Polyamide
Weight: 450 g

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