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The M Equipment Meidjo 2.1 Redline Springs (4)

The M Equipment Meidjo 2.1 Redline Springs (4)
45,00 €
The M Equipment Meidjo 2.0 Redline Springs (4)
The M Equipment
We mount bindings free of charge when you buy skis and bindings. Please check the box if you would like bindings mounted and fill in the required information for your ski boots, along with any other relevant information:

Please provide us with ALL of the following information:

  • Ski boot make and model
  • Ski boot mondopoint size
  • Ski boot sole length in mm
  • Your regular UK or European shoe size
  • If buying multiple skis/bindings, please confirm which binding you'd like attached to which ski

Meidjo 2.1 Redline Springs (4) - The M Equipment

The stiffness of the red springs allows an incisive cutting edge in entering the curve. The progressive and homogeneous nature of the spring together with the precision of the inserts allows a fluid and efficient management of the curve. Eventually in the next curve, the feed back force causes a very rapid return of the inner foot to engage in the next turn in a fraction of a second. We carry the largest possible range of spare parts for the Meidjo 1.0 and 2.0 bindings. Please note that many of these parts are NOT interchangable between the two versions. If you are not sure which parts you need please contact us. These springs can only be used with the Meidjo 2.1 and 2.0 bindings. You cannot use these with the Meidjo 1.0 series bindings.