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The M Equipment Meidjo 2.1 Full Upgrade Kit

The M Equipment Meidjo 2.1 Full Upgrade Kit
144,00 €
Size: L
The M Equipment
We mount bindings free of charge when you buy skis and bindings. Please check the box if you would like bindings mounted and fill in the required information for your ski boots, along with any other relevant information:

Please provide us with ALL of the following information:

  • Ski boot make and model
  • Ski boot mondopoint size
  • Ski boot sole length in mm
  • Your regular UK or European shoe size
  • If buying multiple skis/bindings, please confirm which binding you'd like attached to which ski

The  Meidjo 2.1 Full Upgrade Kit kit contains all the parts that have been updated between the Meidjo 2.0 and 2.1 versions apart from the Springbox, which has been slightly modified, but is functionally the same.
The kit contains:

2 red bars.
These have been reinforced and have a new profile to ensure that that they cannot jump out of walk / step in mode.
2 touring locks.
The metal lever that locks the springbox in walk position has been modified to give a 100% secure blockage in walk mode.
2 winged heels.
The new heel units have a modified spring mechanism and stronger plastic parts. The central hole has been filled in and "wings" on each side make using the heel lifts much easier.
2 toepiece plastic baseplates.
The modification of the metal baseplates (see below) required changes to the toepiece plastic baseplates.
2 metal baseplates for spring "U" levers.
The frame holding the spring "U" levers has been completely modified and is much stronger so that bindings will no longer rip out of the skis (was a problem on light AT skis).

Changing these parts is not difficult but you do need to completely unscrew the bindings from the ski. Make sure to clean the screws before re-using them, or buy another set of screws.
The size S Meidjo 2.1 shares the same screw pattern as the Meidjo 2.0.
For the size L Meidjo 2.1 you will need to drill two new holes for the modified metal baseplate. Don't forget to glue and plug the old holes.
Should you like any more details please contact us.

Sizes: S-L
Reference: SP-FULL-KIT-L-2-1