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Julbo Promethee

Julbo Promethee
134,89 €

Promethee - Julbo

The Julbo Promethee helmet offers protection, ventilation and comfort during long spring days in deep and cold conditions. This helmet offers 100% protection for skiers and snowboarders so that they can concentrate on their skiing and nothing else. Promethee also features high-end finishes (3D ear pads and magnetic closures) and good looks, as well as lines designed to allow a perfect fit with goggles.

Features: Julbo Promethee

Adjustable Air Flow: Venting can be regulated to suit conditions and use.
Adjustable Fit: A fit that can be accurately adjusted.
Half shell: Helmet fitted with flexible ear pads
Hybrid shell: A marriage of in-mold technology on the lower section and injected ABS on the upper section to combine impact resistance and lightness.
Magnetic closure: The helmet strap is easily closed thanks to a magnetic clip
Removable ear pads: The ear pads can be removed
Strap attachment: Fastening at the back of the helmet to attach the goggle strap and hold it in place.
Ventilated visor: Three ventilation channels prevent fogging of goggles, even when things get hot!


Model: Julbo Promethee

Colour: Blue/Black
Size: L - M